Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tracking + Furious + Cleaning Question

I had a friend suggest that I try looking into a natural planning method to avoid pregnancy. I think we'll do this. I haven't really looked that far into it, but from what I understand, it's basically what you'd do if you were trying to get pregnant... take your basal body temperature, chart your periods and symptoms, etc... and then avoid sex when you're most fertile. I like this method. I'm also allergic to condoms (I swell and break out into a rash)... The only other form of contraception I've used is spermicide and honestly, that takes away from the fun because it's got to melt before you can go at it. LOL I downloaded two apps to my phone "Fertility Friend" and "Period Tracker". So far, I think Period Tracker looks more easy to use than Fertility Friend. I can't quite figure out how to log my last period on FF. *shrugs* We'll see how this goes.

I am FURIOUS at my sister's boyfriend... incredibly angry. It's a week before Christmas. He told her he is no longer coming to see her for Christmas... at all. He's not coming to my parents' Christmas and he's not coming to get her so she can go to his parents' Christmas. The problem is this... my sister has learning disabilities and because of them she doesn't work. She probably could work, but she couldn't do more than a minimum wage job. She also does not have a car and she would need to pay a babysitter to watch my niece. So she doesn't work. She gets WIC and a Link card (food stamps) and a medical card. She does not get any disability or anything like that. My niece's bio-dad is a piece of crap and he doesn't work so that he doesn't have to pay child support. My sister gets no extra cash... My mom and dad pay for a lot of their non-food items. Anyway... my sister's boyfriend promised her that he'd come for Christmas... and he promised her he would buy presents for everyone. He never did. It's a week before Christmas, he's not coming and he didn't buy any presents at all. My niece has NOTHING for Christmas now because my sister thought her boyfriend would stick by his word and buy presents... My sister is sad. I don't think she's fed up with him yet, but she's sad that he did this to her. My mom invited my sister and niece to spend Christmas night with them. My parents' bought my niece a tricycle for Christmas. If they stay at my parents' house, my mom is going to let this be my niece's Santa gift. My mom is also going to give my sister $100 so she can buy us all a $10 gift each. I'm going to take my sister shopping Saturday morning.

Our bathroom was remodeled probably 5 years ago. The tub was bought new then. It's a nice tub/shower combo, but the bottom of the shower is textured. I like it because it's non-slip and I don't have to worry about falling in the shower (I'm a klutz and have done it before)... The problem being this... my bathroom ceiling is low and this makes our shower liner lay in the bottom of the tub a few inches. Those few inches are disgusting because dirty water gets trapped under the liner. No matter what I do, I can't get rid of the dirt and grime that is there... I've tried diluted bleach, bathroom cleaners with bleach, dish cleaning liquid... I've tried just about everything. If people looked at my tub, they'd think we were dirty people, but I swear we're not. I clean my tub often... Any ideas???

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