Friday, December 14, 2012


I cannot believe that anyone would walk into an elementary school and open fire. My heart breaks for the children and families affected by the shooting in Connecticut. An entire kindergarten class viciously killed... I cannot imagine what their families are going through... especially this close to the holidays. And all of the children who survived this event, I'm sure their lives will never be the same... ever. I would be traumatized as an adult being in a setting such as that... I cannot imagine being in grade school and being witness to such atrocities... I am beyond appalled. I'm beyond sickened. There really are no words. I've been at work all day and haven't broken into tears. I've greatly wanted to, but I've held it in... It seems like there's this blanket of sadness all around us. I ran errands on my lunch and everywhere I went, it seemed like people weren't as happy as normal... I believe that it's sad enough when the lives of adults or teens are taken so early, but twenty kindergarteners is beyond tragic. On my lunch break today, I watched the news in horror as they started relaying more and more information about the circumstances of the shooting. When the president took the stage, it seemed like he had an extremely difficult time keeping his composure. He said that he reacted as a parent first, not the president... These senseless deaths are... beyond words. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those touched by this tragedy.

To make matters even worse for the day, about an hour ago my aunt messaged me on Facebook asking where my mom was. I told her my mom was working. My aunt said that she had been trying to call my mom with no answer. Then she said that my great-uncle is in the hospital with a blood clot and they don't expect him to live more than a couple of hours. They were taking him into surgery about an hour and a half ago, but they don't expect him to make it through the surgery. Sad...

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