Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I feel like I'm on repeat...

I keep saying that I'm going to start eating healthy, start exercising, do this or that, or whatever... I never do. I'm getting sick of myself. I'm sure some of you are probably sick of me saying the same things over and over again too.

I have slacked so bad on my goals for the start of September. I honestly guess it wasn't wise to start over a holiday weekend. The good news is that a new phase of the Commit to It Competition starts on the 10th. So, I think I'm going to move all of my goals to there as:

September 10th to October 10th, 2012 Goals:

Diet/Fitness Related:

  1. Stay below my max calories for 90% of the thirty days (this means I can have 3 cheat days).
  2. COMPLETE Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred with weight and measurements at the beginning (September 10th), halfway point (September 25th), and end (October 10th).
  3. Attend the YMCA and do at least three 30+ minute cardio (treadmill, elliptical, recumbent bike) exercises each week.
  4. Blog daily. No matter how mindless the rambles. Add a daily food and exercise log is to the entries.
  5. Weigh myself each Friday and post the results. No excuses.
  6. Refrain from ordering in food at work. Limit to once (or possibly twice) during the 30 day period.
Non-Diet/Fitness Related:
  1. Write at least 10,000 words (approximately three chapters) in any of my three unfinished novels each week.
  2. Work on my "Supernatural" website for at least two hours each week.
  3. Spend time with friends and/or family at least once a week.
  4. Watch less television.
I think with the competition going on, I will have a better success rate... We shall see, shan't we? LOL I used the word shan't. :)

On a whole different topic completely, I have been thinking a lot about a trip to Los Angeles. I made friends with actor Rick Worthy via my Supernatural website. (The pic to the left is of him and me at the Salute to Supernatural: Chicago Convention that I attended last October.) We tweet (via my personal twitter) and text often, he's donated numerous of awesome prizes to my JDRF fundraiser, and he's just an all around awesome guy.. Anyway, he keeps telling me I need to come to LA and when I do, he'll be my personal tour guide. I went there twice, technically, but both trips were for layovers and I was only there for a combined three hours or so. When I was there I text him and he said something about getting together for a drink... until I said I was only there for a layover. Haha.

I wanted to go there next Spring, but my friend is getting married and I'm in the wedding and I'm sure I'll have to miss plenty of work for that. So I'm thinking 2014 sometime. I was leaning towards around my birthday, but if I have over a year to save, I'm sure I could go any time. I want to make definitive plans soon and maybe go with a group of girls. At least four of us so our hotel room would be cheaper. I don't know...

Anyway, I need to go for now. I'll maybe update soon. Haha.

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