Sunday, September 16, 2012

Clean Eating (Week 1): And so it begins...

Week 1 Add/Subtract:
This week I’'m going to stop buying or eating this food for good: soda and diet soda.

This week I'’m adding this one healthy and clean eating food to my eating plan: (lots of) water.

So, I am FAR from a clean eater. I found this awesome site called and the lady who does the website has a lot of great ideas. The main one being that if you want to stick to being a clean eater, you should take it slowly. Take one thing that you're going to stop eating and stop buying one week and replace it with a healthy, clean food. I started off this week with a difficult item for me, but it definitely needs cut. I decided to give up all soda and diet soda. In its place, I will be drinking a lot of water and decaffeinated tea and coffee (I really need to watch my caffeine intake because of my blood pressure, but I really haven't been).

I'm far from an expert on clean eating, and I'm learning all about it as I go along. Below, I added a food and exercise log that is empty for now. I will start filling it out tomorrow. You will probably continue to see processed foods in the list for a while as I'm currently broke and I have to use my boyfriend's money to go get groceries. I don't expect him to go clean, but I will be reading the labels while grocery shopping for now on... This chart seems to help:

Haha! I just thought it was funny so I thought I'd share... So, yeah... Welcome to my journey of trying to be a cleaner eater... Should be difficult, but I've gone three days with no soda. Other than water, the only thing I've drank since Friday morning is a green tea and a margarita (it was my boyfriend's mom's birthday party).

Well, I'm off to do the dishes and make a not so clean dinner. I can't wait for my next grocery shopping trip where I can load up on fresh fruits and veggies and just yummy wholesome, clean foods!

Food and Exercise Log:
Breakfast: 0 Calories
Morning Snack: 0 Calories
Lunch: 0 Calories
Afternoon Snack: 0 Calories
Dinner: 0 Calories
Drinks/Dessert: 0 Calories
Total Calories Consumed: 0 Calories
*** Water: 0 oz

TOTAL: 0 Calories Burned

NET CALORIES: 0 Calories
(Goal <1260 Calories)

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