Thursday, September 13, 2012

Clean eating???

I signed up to do the Foodie Penpals thing over on the Lean Green Bean (click the little button on the right column if you're interested in learning more). The girl that I'm sending to is vegan and the girl who is sending to me is a clean eater. There's actually a pretty big difference and I'm considering trying clean eating. Vegans don't eat anything with any type of animal by-product in it. Clean eaters eat anything as long as it's as close to natural as it can be... you can still eat meat and eggs and whatever, as long as it's not anything processed too much. With my addiction to food, I think it's a safe bet that becoming a clean eater would probably help tremendously.

Val (the girl who is sending to me) emailed me a site to check out. It's called The Gracious Pantry. Upon checking out clean eating, I found that there is a way to ease yourself into it. I mean, you could go cold turkey if you wanted to, but that's strongly not advised. To ease yourself into it, each week, you write down one processed food you will give up forever and follow that by writing down one clean food you will add to your diet forever. Then slowly you give up your processed foods for healthy foods. It's worth a shot...

I printed off 25 of the sheets that you use to write down what you're adding and subtracting from your diet... along with one contract to write to myself. If I make it to 25 weeks of clean eating, I will print off another 25 and another contract. I'm honestly hoping that I can be a completely clean eater by the end of the year 2013. That is 67 (almost 68) weeks away.

Do any of you do clean eating??? What do you think of it?

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