Friday, September 21, 2012

Doctor Appointment Recap + Clean Eating Week 2

So, I just had the most unclean meal ever probably, but I was starving. Not that it matters, but the plus side is that I gave up soda and I totally didn't get a soda. I got a tea with my Big Mac meal. Ugh. Haha. But considering that's all I've eaten so far today, I'm okay with that.

I'm going to recap my doctor's appointment before I go any further with the clean eating. My appointment was at 9:30. At 9:10, I left work and headed to my doctor's office. I got there and got signed in and took a seat. Around 9:40, I got called back to the exam room which wasn’t too bad of a wait. The nurse took my weight which was 230.0… That's up from the last time I was there... Then she took my BP which was 112/80 which is good. She left the room and said that Judy (my doctor - really a nurse practitioner, but I hate my actual doctor) would be in very soon. I sat in the exam room until 10:10 when Judy finally came in. She asked if I was still taking all of the same medications, which I am… Then I told her I had a few things I wanted to talk to her about.

First I asked about allergies and my sinus headaches. She said that she would prefer for me to stay on the Zyrtec because it's the lesser of the evils when it comes to allergy medications and blood pressure medicines. She asked if I've ever taken any other kind of allergy medicine and I told her that I took Claritin on two different occasions and both times I wound up with laryngitis. She said it probably dried me out too much (which was my thought) and asked if I had ever taken a nasal spray. I told her that the only nasal spray I had taken was Mucinex one time when I had a severe head cold. So, she gave me a sample of a Nasonex which I am supposed to take once daily, two squirts in each nostril. She said if the nasal spray doesn’t help alleviate my migraines, she wants me to try Allegra, but right now she wants me to stay on the Zyrtec and the Nasonex.

Then we talked about my weight. She asked how much weight I had gained in the past year and I told her probably 15 pounds. I told her about my struggles with compulsive overeating and that I had eaten an entire box of macaroni and cheese, three to four cups of cereal with milk, and four waffles with syrup and butter one day last week... She asked me if compulsion ran in my family and I told her that I have an aunt who definitely has OCD and then my other aunt and my grandpa (all three on the same side) both took anxiety medication. She thought about it and told me she wants me to try a few things… First, she wants me to get some form of light exercise (walking or bike riding) in at least three times a week for 20-30 minutes each time. Then she wants me to eat anything liquid that I would normally eat out of a bowl (soup, cereal, ice cream, etc) out of a coffee mug. She thinks this will help keep me from eating a bowl full of whatever during a binge. She also wants me to incorporate fruits and veggies into each meal… not just occasionally but every meal, every day. Then she told me that she really wants me to try Prozac. She thinks since compulsion runs in my family that my compulsion is eating and not cleaning (my OCD aunt) or worrying (my grandpa and other aunt) or whatever. She called me in a low dose 10mg per day and she said it’s completely up to me whether or not I pick it up. She also said she wanted to do blood work to check my thyroid and blood sugar levels and told me to make an appointment for a month from now to see her again.

Before I left I asked her about getting a skin test done. I told her about a girl on here whose entry I had been linked to who was young and just found out she had skin cancer. The girl was pale with lots of freckles and didn't necessarily spent too much time outside, but she ended up with skin cancer. Judy said that she could do an initial test and since I don't currently notice any moles or worrisome spots, she would do it when I went back for my annual pap smear in March/April. I said that was great. She said if she found anything suspicious, she would have to refer me to a dermatologist, but she could do the initial skin test. So, that's taken care of...

Then I went and got my blood drawn. I gave blood a little over a month ago (August 16th) and the phlebotomy nurse lady tried to find the vein in the same time. Apparently it was "angry" and not over giving the blood so she had to look in my left arm. She found the same vein which was good, except for she didn't really have a good way to get to it because of the way the lab office is set up. So she just went for it. Well, I think she bruised my vein. My arm hurt so bad when she was done and it still hurts now... like an achy pain. Ugh. So, when I left the office it was 10:35. I called my coworker to say I was done and she asked if I wanted to swing by somewhere and get lunch. Considering it was just after 10:30, McDonald's was the only place that I knew would be serving lunch so there I went...

I honestly don't know what to think about the Prozac. I text my best friend right after and she's like, "Well, it couldn't hurt to try it, could it?" And I guess it couldn't. It's cheap... The prescription Judy called in is only $7.45 with my insurance. *shrugs*

Now onto clean eating... I'm proud to say that I have not had one single drop of soda since last Thursday. I plan to keep it that way too. :) I'm super proud of that.

Week 2 Add/Subtract:
This week I'm going to stop buying or eating this food for good: candy... and things with candy in them like ice cream...

This week I'm adding this one healthy and clean eating food to my eating plan: fruit... fresh fruit seems like a good replacement to candy because it's healthy and sweet.

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