Monday, July 30, 2012

The Color Run Indy Recap

OMG! It was such a good time. I wish that I had been doing some sort of walking training though. My ankles, knees, thighs, and lower back were killing by yesterday morning. Anyway, here's what went down...

Friday I got off work at 4 pm. I immediately drove over to the neighboring town to pick up my bestie Pam. We headed to a big town about 45 miles north of us to meet her fiance at Olive Garden for dinner. Pam decided we needed to carbo-load before our "big race". LOL Funny girl. Dinner was a hoot. Her fiance is hilarious. I got Ravioli di Portobello... and had a salad and one breadstick too. I still don't eat in public very well and barely finished my food. Then Pam decided we needed dessert. So we got the three mini mousse deal... we got amaretto tiramisu, strawberry white chocolate, and caramel double chocolate. They were all yummy! After we ate, Pam's fiance insisted on buying our food. We tried to pay our part, but he wasn't having it. Such a nice guy. Haha... We left and headed to my Aunt Pam's.

With the time change, we got to my aunt's around 9 pm their time (8 pm mine). We visited with my aunt and uncle for a bit, changed, and were in bed by 9:30. I had a rough time sleeping. I can usually fall asleep within 5-10 minutes of laying down. I tossed and turned a bit and probably fell asleep around 10ish. I slept okay until a little after midnight when I woke up having to pee. I got up and went to the restroom and then had a hard time falling back asleep. Rough...

I got up when my alarm went of at 4:15 (3:15 at home), changed, and got ready to go... then I woke up Pam. We were back in the car and hit the road to Indy right at 5 am. We got to Indy very shortly after 6 and found the park where the Color Run was held. We found a decent parking spot and started to walk into the park to register. We realized though that we had to buy our parking in advance and put a little ticket on the dash to avoid being towed. So we stood in line for that... it took about 20 minutes, no lie. The machine was SLOOOOOOW. We got our ticket and put it on the dash and walked into the park again. We stood in line for registration which really didn't take too long... maybe 20 minutes or so... We got free PacSun painters caps and free bracelets that say Color Run 2012 on them.

After we registered, we went back to the car. We put our Color Run t-shirts in the car, pinned our numbers to our bellies, put on our "Color Runner" sweat bands and took a before picture:

All nice and clean before the race!!! We walked back to the park and found the starting corral. It was fun. The guy on the speakers was having us to the wave and all sorts of fun stuff while waiting for the race to start. They had a little hiccup and I'm fairly certain it started after it was supposed to. We were in the second wave of runners that got to go. We walked the whole thing because I hadn't been training to run it. It was a lot of fun!!! I think it took us about an hour to walk it. Here is our after photo:

Pam also took front and back photos of me afterwards... We had our phones in plastic baggies and she didn't take her phone out (I don't blame her in the slightest) so the photos are blurry.

After we were done, we went to the little party at the finish line. We stood around for about 20 minutes and then we headed back to my car. Pam stripped down to some tight shorts and her sports bra in the parking lot. She changed her clothes and beat as much dust off of herself as she could. I took off my outer shirt, I had a plain white tank underneath, beat the dust off my pant legs, legs, and shoes as much as possible... wet a bandana that I had stuffed down my shirt with my phone inside and wiped off my hands, arms, and legs as best as I could... took the sweatband off my head and put in a regular headband, and put on a clean (semi-clean as I slept in it the night before) tee. We put all of our colored clothes in plastic bags in the car. Then we put trash bags on the seat and sat on towels in hopes of not transferring any color to my car. We took off and decided to find some food.

I drove the wrong way to get out of park and we ended up in a sketchy part of town... but only for about a mile or so. We saw a Steak n Shake and decided to stop there. We both got sausage, egg, and cheese bagels with some hash brown bites and orange juice. Holy grease, batman... but it was tasty. I sent my aunt a pic of us (the after of the two of us together) and asked if she was ready for us to come shower at her place. LOL We got there and Pam took the first shower. Then I took mine. Thankfully all of the color dust came off of me... but I had to scrub myself FOUR times to get it all gone. Then when I got out, I noticed I had red dust in my ear. Apparently someone came up behind us and decided I needed red on me and I didn't even notice. They got it in my ear! LOL

When we were done showering, we sat around for about an hour and then my uncle suggested my aunt take us to Hershey's (a little ice cream stand) and get some ice cream. So she did. I got a Chocolate Covered Banana Flurry (kind of like a blizzard) and it was delicious! It was vanilla soft serve with a banana cut up in it and then they took that chocolate shell stuff and put that in there too... Delish!!! We sat at Hershey's and ate our ice cream and then went back to my aunt's. We decided to take off when we got back...

I was sooooo tired I was literally falling asleep at the wheel. Thankfully Pam had gotten a call that her ring (engagement ring) was ready to be picked up at the jeweler so we stopped on our way back through which helped wake me up. Then we stopped at McDonald's so I could get some cheeseburgers and a tea. We also stopped at a gas station so Pam could put some gas in my car... Then we headed home. We were talking on the way and decided to make another stop so Pam could show her future sister-in-law her ring and so Pam could show me the Coach clutches she wanted to buy for her bridesmaids for their gifts. Score! I'm a bridesmaid. So, we went and looked and I got to pick them out. They are so cute! I can't wait. LOL

After that I took Pam home and then I went home. I just dropped my stuff in a big heap on the bedroom floor, changed into comfy pants, and took a nice 3 hour nap... I got up for about two hours and then went back to bed and slept for 12 hours. I must have been exhausted!!!

All in all it was a great time. I'd definitely do it again!!! It was a super fun and easy 5K for sure! (And I get to cross one of my goals off my list... of finishing a 5K. Woot woot!

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