Friday, July 20, 2012


I currently have two gym memberships. One to the 24 Hour Gym which is $25 a month and one to Curves which is $34 a month. I refuse to cancel my Curves membership because it really does benefit me when I actually go. I AM going back on August 1st… No ifs, ands, or buts about it…

I’m debating canceling my other gym membership. I only ever use the treadmill and none of the other machines. I think that walking in addition to the strength training at Curves is also very important to my weight loss. I refuse to walk outside because it’s either too hot or too cold or there are too many bugs. I’m not an outdoorsy person if you didn’t know.

My question is this: I could buy a brand new treadmill on my credit card with no interest for 6 months and pay about the same amount each month I do for my gym membership. I would have a treadmill of my own regardless of whether I use it or not (not just wasting $25 a month like I've been with my gym membership)… or I can keep my gym membership which will end up costing me $300 a year even if I don’t go.

I would be able to completely pay off the treadmill with my Christmas bonus this year before the interest kicks in on the credit card. I don't have the money to pay outright... and won't until I get my Christmas bonus. I know I shouldn't add more debt to my plate, but I feel like it's counterproductive to pay $25 a month (another $125) when I'm not really getting anything out of it...

What would you do???

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