Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pre-Color Run Jitters

I leave tomorrow for my Color Run in Indy. I'm super-excited, but stressed at the same time. Haha.

Oh, before I write about that... I'm going to tell you about what I call my "spinning issue". It happens while I'm sleeping. All conditions have to be right, but what basically happens is I'll be in a deep, deep sleep and all of a sudden, it'll feel like my body weighs 1000 pounds and is being forced into my bed and everything starts spinning really fast. When I can finally open my eyes and try to focus, it feels like they're moving left to right really fast and then everything just stops. My head usually feels a little cloudy/weird for a day or two and then everything is back to normal.

I've talked to my doctor about it... I'm not worried. She said she's convinced it's an inner ear thing as it didn't start until after I had a really severe ear infection in high school. I only get one maybe once a year, maybe once every two years. It almost always happens after I clean out my ears...

I had a spinning issue last night and my head feels really foggy today. It's not like a can't do my job or function as I usually would, my head just feels foggy and I feel sorta weak like I could pass out at any time. I usually feel this way while I'm sitting down. I feel better standing or laying. I just ate lunch and it feels much better now than it did. Ugh... The weird things that happen to me.

Anyway, so I had to email the Color Run people because I was confused as to where Pam and I should register. The thing says registration is at the Runner's Forum tonight and tomorrow (which we can't make it) or before the event, but it didn't say where. Luckily I got a response back that we can register at the starting line before the event, but we have to be there 1.5 hours early which means 6 am. *yawn* Haha.

Here's what we're thinking is going to happen... My boyfriend is off work on Friday. Before I knew that, I was going to get off work at 4, run home and feed the animals, let the dog outside, finish packing and head to Pam's with hopes of being there around 4:45 so we could head out. We're staying at my aunt's house and she lives about an hour and 45 minutes away. So, we were going to stop at the 45 minute mark as we're driving through the nearest big city to eat dinner somewhere tasty. I figured in about an hour for that and told my aunt we'd be there around 7:30 or 8. But now that Matt is going to be home, I believe that I will get off at 4 and just head straight to Pam's. We can still stop at the half way point for dinner as it'll probably be 5ish when we hit town and then we'll get to my aunt's earlier. The problem is, I just found out that my aunt isn't even going to be home. What?! She said we could stay at her house, but she's going to be at her daughter's house. I just mapquested it and her daughter's house is about the same distance away from Indy as my aunt's house. Maybe we should see if we can stay with my cousin and aunt. That'd be a heck of a lot more fun than staying with my uncle. LOL

Wait, in the process of writing this, I just found out that my aunt will indeed be home. *sigh of relief* So, we'll still go to my aunt's as planned. She also said it's fine if we want to stop back by after the race to shower as it's an hour from Indy to her house and then another two home and it'd be nice not to have to ride all the way home in clothing with color powder all over them.

Now, I have a question:

What shoes should I wear? I know it's not a big race, but I have knee problems and need good shoes. I could wear my everyday shoes which need replaced anyway so if they get powder on them... oh well. Or I could wear my shoes that were $120 and are super nice and almost brand new. But I'm not sure if I want them to have powder in them for the foreseeable future... *shrugs* Your thoughts?

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