Monday, June 25, 2012

Telling ED No! - Reflections #6

I'm reading a self-help book called "Telling ED No!". It's basically a book that helps you work through your thoughts as to why you have disordered eating. I definitely do. At the end of each chapter, there are reflection questions which help you overcome your eating disorder. I am going to post those here.

Many people come and go throughout the recovery process, and each brings you something different and unique. Write the names of some people in your life who have helped you or who have been positive influences in your recovery. What have they given or taught you?

I've never fully gone through any kind of treatment for my eating disorder. I will write down people who have helped me throughout the many ups and downs of my life...

Mrs. J - She was actually a counselor for the troubled kids who went to a special school in my town called TLC. She counseled students who were truant often or caused a lot of trouble in their classes or were failing or had been arrested for any reason... she tried to "straighten them up" before they got the stigma of having to attend TLC. Once when I went to go visit the nurse with one of my many upset stomachs my senior year of high school, the school nurse sent to me talk to Mrs. J. We talked about everything... She was so incredibly helpful in my recovery from my anorexic tendencies. School made me incredibly anxious and she knew this. She told me straight out that I could go speak with her any time that she was free and she would give me a pass to excuse me from classes... as long as I only visited her when I really needed her. I visited her about once a week usually and just talking to someone and getting all my stresses and fears out really helped. 

My Cousin - *I* - *I* has been through the same things I have and fought the same battles I have. She's a great ear when I need to complain and she tells me things that have helped her in the past. We're two peas in a pod even though ten years separate us.

Sadly, those are the two people who I believe have helped me the most... There are a few other mentions I could make... My cousin Kel, my friend Brenda, my friend Pam, etc... but Mrs. J helped me come out of my anorexia/anxiety phase and into a "normal" life and *I* helps me out now.

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