Thursday, June 21, 2012

Telling ED No! - Reflections #4

I'm reading a self-help book called "Telling ED No!". It's basically a book that helps you work through your thoughts as to why you have disordered eating. I definitely do. At the end of each chapter, there are reflection questions which help you overcome your eating disorder. I am going to post those here.

Trusting someone other than Ed is vital to your recovery. Have any of your loved ones expressed concern for your health? We all need help seeing things from a healthy point of view - not Ed's. Think about people in your life that you trust. Whom will you trust to help rid you of your eating disorder - a family member, doctor, friend? Take the first step and reach out to them.

I put my trust into a lot of people daily. I'm writing this blog which is putting myself out there for someone, anyone, to support me. My loved ones express concern for my health in the aspect that I am currently about 75-80 pounds overweight. I already have high blood pressure... diabetes runs in my family... as does multiple kinds of cancer. They're all concerned that if I don't get my eating under control I'm going to end up with heart disease, diabetes, and more health issues. My health care provider has also shown concern over my growing weight.

My mom is probably one of my biggest supporters in battling my eating disorder. I've discussed doing these reflections with her and she agrees that I do have an eating disorder and I do need to conquer it. I have already reached out to her.

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