Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I am so proud of myself. I've worked out two days in a row. As little as that may sound, it's big for me. Especially since my knees were achy last night and this morning. I hate having bad knees, but hopefully doing something about it (i.e. losing weight) will help out.

Last night I went to Curves. I am so excited that my workout buddy Dot is back! She's an older lady, old enough to be my mom, but I love working out with her. I don't know if I went into this at all, but when I returned to Curves, I asked Shawna (the new coach) if Dot was still working out and she said that Dot had quit. I was so sad! Dot came in when I was in one day and a couple weeks later she rejoined! I'm so psyched. We worked out and then I came home and did 15 minutes on the treadmill. I was already super warm so I took it easy again. Did 3.0 for 15 minutes... awesome. Here's my treadmill readout:

Today was sucky at work... Just long and yeah... We ordered in Mexican today. I tried to be healthy and ordered chicken fajita taco salad. It was delicious! I didn't even eat any chips really. That's awesome. After work I came home and did a mile on the treadmill. About 3/4 of the way through, I started feeling really nauseous so I slowed down a lot... I still averaged a 3.0 mph mile though. *shrugs*

I just ordered some new tops online. It's really hard for me to find nice shirts that fit me in stores around here. My aunt told me about a website for plus sized girls so I checked it out. They had a lot of shirts. I got quite a bit of stuff. I had a hard time figuring out what size to buy. I was between sizes. My bust and hips were one size and my waist was a size bigger. I thought about it and decided it would probably fit better if I got the smaller size. The waist wasn't off my much so I think (read: hope) they work out. If not, I can always return crap, right??? I also ordered some new sports bras from Lane Bryant. I love their sports bras! So... yeah. Can't wait for my new stuff to come.

Okay, my dog needs to go out, I need to take my contacts out, and then I'm going to zonk out. LOL Night y'all!


  1. Yay!! Awesome workouts!! I am about to do the exact same, contacts and ZZZZZZZ! I am ready for the weekend!!

  2. You're doing great Crystal! And I know what you mean about being between clothes sizes- makes it super tricky to chose! :)

  3. oh i know of an awesome site for bigger girls. let me think of the name, i actually drove with rob to take bobby home to visit their store (bobby lives 1.5 hours away with his mom). torrid (i cheated and went to the internet). they sell a bunch of items. i didnt know you were looking for sites. :) they have their own sizinga, im a size 0 (kind of gives me an inflated ego cause im more like a 14/16. anyway they have several stores around, im not sure if they have one near you.

    1. The website I found is only for plus-sized girls. Their smallest size is a 12 and those women wear size small. At most stores, I'm in a 2XL up top, but there, I'm in a L. LOL It's nice!


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