Thursday, May 3, 2012


I have this problem... I realize it's all mental, but I need to get over it. I tend to self-sabotage. I was doing so good with my dieting and exercise... with a good loss starting for this week. As of Monday, I was down 2.6 pounds this week which was awesome. Then I made one of my favorite, but not so healthy, foods on Tuesday night for dinner. Just one piece of this stuff has 710 calories and a whole day's worth of sodium. It's totally yummy and I'm so weak when I make it, but my boyfriend loves it and so I have to make it for him every once in a while. I figured one slice into my calories for the day. My sodium was through the roof, but I've been really watching it lately. Well, once I ate one... I couldn't stop myself from eating another. Unless you truly have issues with binge eating, you probably don't know what I mean by saying that I couldn't stop myself... but I couldn't. Then I "needed" something sweet to counteract the salty of my dinner and I had a bowl of cereal. Nice...

I was so mad at myself all day yesterday. I gained back all but 0.2 of a pound that I had lost. It didn't stop me from eating leftovers for lunch. Luckily, I only brought a slice with me and so that's all that I could have. Regardless... I surfed the web for a healthy baked macaroni and cheese recipe. I found one, modified it, and am going to try to make homemade Buffalo Chicken Mac (the recipe I made Tuesday). With the new ingredients, a piece has 470 calories and less than 900 mg of sodium which is definitely a lot better than 710 calories and 2500 mg of sodium. When I try the recipe, if it's a success, I'll be sure to post it. :)

I went to the gym yesterday. Had a good workout. My left knee has been bothering me. I dislocated it in fourth grade and then we knew that I inherited my father's horrible knee structure. Both of my knees dislocate often... sometimes without warning. I know that losing weight will help this in the long run, but right now it's not cool. It gets really stiff while walking on the treadmill. It's worse outside with uneven ground though. Hopefully from walking a lot, it'll eventually get used to it and not be sore. I may have to go buy a knee brace to help keep my kneecap stabilized while walking. I'm not sure.

Well, I need to go for now. I may update later. I should be adding a new recipe either today or tomorrow. Making another of my favorites, but this one is definitely low-cal and low fat though. I'll let you know. Buh-bye!

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