Monday, May 21, 2012

Back to the Grind

Now that the excitement from buying my first car is over, and my weekend trip to Milwaukee/Madison for my friend's graduation is over, I really need to get back into the grind of losing weight. I wouldn't say that I was absolutely horrible over the weekend, but I could have made a few better choices. Here's what I consumed:

¤ Breakfast: the bacon, egg, and cheese from the inside of Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Bagel from McDonald's (the bagel itself was hard as a rock so I didn't eat it), a hash brown, and half of a large sugar-free vanilla iced coffee
¤ Lunch: a couple of cubes of salami and cheese, a couple of chunks of pineapple and cantaloupe, about six tortilla chips and some taco dip, and two of Jo's grandma's chocolate chip cookies
¤ Dinner: one piece of pepperoni pizza, one breadstick, and two cinnasticks from a Pizza Hut dinner box and about half of an orange Mountain Dew

¤ Breakfast: one iced strawberry poptart
¤ Lunch: a Big Mac, about half of the fries, and 1.5 of a large Dr. Pepper
¤ Snack: (while driving home) one iced strawberry poptart, about a handful of Whoppers chocolate candies
¤ Dinner: (from Wendy's) one junior bacon cheeseburger, an order of chili cheese fries, and half of a medium chocolate Frosty

So, as you can see I definitely could have made some more healthy decisions. Eating on the road is tough. When I left on Saturday, I was having some stomach issues. I was due for Aunt Flo to come for a visit and she tends to mess up my insides. I thought I needed the coffee for the drive, but I surprisingly wasn't tired. When I drink coffee, I have to eat food or it tears my stomach up so I got what sounded the best. But as you can see, I didn't really eat much of it. At lunch time, I was still having some stomach issues so I just snacked around. Come dinner, I was actually hungry, but after I ate what I have listed, I was done... I was physically exhausted and wanted to sleep.

I slept really hard for about five hours. I went to bed around 10ish. Jo's apartment complex hadn't turned on the air conditioning yet so it was rather warm in there. I was too tired to care. I laid in her dining room floor (it's carpeted!) under a fan and slept hard until about 3. Then I woke up because the floor was hurting my back a little. I used my blanket as an extra pillow and that felt a lot better so I slept a little more. I woke up at 5:30 because I had to use the restroom. Then I went back to sleep until 6:30 when I heard Jo's alarm go off. The sun had risen and it was really bright in the living room. I noticed my phone was dead so I got up to plug it in and noticed that the others were awake too.

Sunday I was starving. I inhaled the Big Mac when we got to McDonald's. The drive home was about five and a half hours. We ate around noon or one. So, I got hungry about halfway home and ate my other poptart. I had bought some Whoppers in Wisconsin and they had melted in the car. Then the air conditioning cooled them off and they got all stuck together. I couldn't get them apart very well so I just ate a couple of them. By the time I hit my town at 8:30 pm, I was exhausted and hungry and decided to just hit the Wendy's as I was driving through.

I'm out of healthy lunch options right now. I'm currently at work and it's a little after 1pm and I haven't eaten lunch yet. There's nothing healthy here. I think I'm going to go pick something up from somewhere as I don't think we have anything quick and healthy at home either. I'm just now starting to get hungry though. I've also got my weigh and measure at Curves tonight. I had it scheduled last Wednesday and with the excitement of buying my new car I forgot about it. I rescheduled it for today. After Curves, Pam (my best friend and trainer) and I are going to go out for my first jog... I think. Yesterday she text and said she was up for it if I was... So, I'll let you know how that goes.

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