Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm alive!!! (Recap) + Other Rambles

I've been extremely busy so I'm sorry I haven't been around! It's been almost a week since I've written and I feel really bad about that. I mean, seriously! I made this blog to help keep me accountable... So, let's see what I can remember...

Tuesday - May 8th
I, of course, had to work on Tuesday. We decided to order in food because one of my female co-workers was having a horrible day. She wanted comfort food so we decided to order in Mexican. When we order in food, all of the employees here know that it is your responsibility to pay for the food you order. My boss had hired in three people (and one of our employees) to put together a new machine he had ordered. I walked to the other building to see if our employee wanted to order anything. He said yes and told me his order. One of the workers overheard our conversation and told me what he wanted. Then I thought it would be nice to ask the other two guys if they wanted anything. One of them declined, but the other decided to order. I came back to the office to order and realized that I hadn't told the two workers who ordered that we are responsible for buying our own food. So, I quickly asked my boss if he was paying for the workers and he said no because he was paying them to do the work so he wasn't buying them food too. I ran back to the other building and told the two guys that they were responsible for paying for the food they ordered. They both said to cancel their orders, but one of the guys decided to call my boss and give him crap about not buying "his workers" any lunch. So, he did. And my boss agreed to buy their lunch, but then was mad at me. I tried to tell him that I didn't mean to give them the impression at all that he was buying. Then I was all worked up over everything and had an upset stomach. What I ordered wasn't healthy, but I didn't eat much of it so I think it washed out. I had a chicken chimichanga and a little bit of rice and beans and that's it...

I didn't do much working out this day. I did turn on my heart rate monitor while I was out grocery shopping. I walked two miles grocery shopping!!! Plus all of the walking I did to go to the other building... It's a block away from our building and I went there four times so that's eight blocks of walking... Not bad... Since I didn't eat lunch, I ate way too much at dinner because I made one of my favorite things... cheese ravioli in red sauce. Mmmmm...

Wednesday - May 9th
Wednesday was a pretty good eating day. My dinner was rather high in sodium, but I stayed within my healthy calorie range. I went to Curves and was tested for my Curves Smart. Then went to the gym. I walked 2.5 miles. I went home, made dinner, and relaxed.

Thursday - May 10th
Thursday I skipped walking. My boyfriend was home and my gym partner wasn't interested in going. So, I went to Curves, did my first Curves Smart workout with the new computer... ouch! It was serious! Then I went home with every intention of cooking a healthy meal. My boyfriend was baking a pizza when I got home though. I ended up just eating a sandwich for dinner.

Friday - May 11th
Friday night I had a lot of stuff to do at home. I had to get my walking in, so I skipped Curves and went to the gym with my gym buddy. We walked 2 miles. I felt good during it. There were a few times that were kinda hard, but I enjoyed the walk overall... I went home and made a "new" recipe. I healthified up my favorite recipe. It was not delicious. I'm crushed. I don't even know how to remotely make it delicious other than making it the horrible for you way. Sad.

Saturday - May 12th
I had to work Saturday. I don't usually work Saturdays, but we are a rental location for moving trucks and only three of us are trained on how to rent them. If one of the guys aren't working, I have to... and being as I'm the low-(wo)man on the totem pole, I have to work if they aren't. No way around it. So, I worked until noon and then went and picked up my sister. We went and got groceries for my mom's meal and I bought her some flowers and then we went to my parents' house. They weren't there, but arrived shortly after we got there. They were both starving so I started cooking early. I made lasagna, garlic bread, and side salads for dinner and then chocolate gooey cake for dessert. It was all delicious! I cleaned up and we went outside for a little bit and then headed home. Didn't really get in any exercise Saturday.

Sunday - May 13th
Yesterday we spent Mother's Day at the in-laws... Well, a state park in the neighboring town really. MIL told us to bring whatever "meat" we wanted for our main course and then a side dish to share. We took macaroni salad as I hadn't had time to make a different side and for our "meat" we picked up subs. Normally we would walk on some of the trails at the state park, but no one was up for it so we just sat around and talked for a few hours. Then we came home. Shortly after we got home, MIL called and said that FIL had found a tick on him and we should check for them on ourselves. I checked everywhere I could see and tried to get my boyfriend to check my head. He wouldn't do it! I seriously rubbed and scratched my scalp for about half an hour and didn't feel anything, but I still had the heebie jeebies all night long. Haha.

This morning I sent a text to one of my female coworkers while I was getting ready. I asked her if she'd check my scalp and she said yes. The verdict? She didn't see any ticks. Yay!!!

This week, my workout schedule looks something like this:

- Curves Smart Workout (30 minutes)
- Gym - Treadmill - 3 miles

- Curves Circuit with Zumba (45 minutes)
- Gym - Treadmill - 3 miles

- Curves Smart Workout (30 minutes)
- Gym - Treadmill - 3 miles

- Curves Smart Workout (30 minutes)
- Gym - Treadmill - 3 miles

I won't be able to workout Friday through Sunday as I'll be out of state. As of right now, my mom is planning on going to Wisconsin with me. If she does, we'll leave right after I get off work on Friday. My mom will drop me off at my friend's house by 11 pm or so. I'll be staying the night there. We'll get up in the morning, get ready, and head to our mutual friend's graduation party. We're planning on staying with the mutual friend overnight that night. Then we'll head back to my other friend's house on Sunday and stay there until my mom picks me up on her way back through. So, yeah... Fun times!

Okay, I feel like this is long enough so I'm going to go. OH! But check out my cool new widget over in my right column. It keeps track of my 5K training workouts. Pretty nifty!!!

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