Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Learning to walk again...

Last night was an awesome night. I got off work and drove to Curves. It was my first time doing Zumba since September/October of last year. My Zumba instructor got married and had a health issue and quit teaching all but one of her Curves Circuit with Zumba classes. She decided to pick up another class, Tuesday nights, and last night was free for all current and former members of Curves... Oh, how I missed Zumba! I am not very coordinated, but I love to dance and I love music. There's nothing like some good music to dance to and get a workout!!!

I may be a little mean here, but there was this lady who came in that I didn't know... She wasn't a current member, but had previously been a member and she wanted to try out Zumba. She was a larger lady with big boobs... and she wasn't wearing a bra... at all. She was wearing a tight blue workout shirt with no bra and drooping boobs. Go figure, she was right across from me the whole time, and I had a hard time not looking at her chestular region with horror! When she was just standing there, her boobs were resting on her stomach and it was just disturbing... but when she danced, it was horrible! Ugh. BIG BOOBED LADIES... WEAR SPORTS BRAS (OR ANY BRAS REALLY) WHEN YOU'RE WORKING OUT!!!

After Curves, I went home and waited for Pam (my best friend and trainer). She got there shortly after I did, we piled into my car and then went to a track. I don't know exactly how long it is... it goes around a baseball diamond area in my town. I usually walk about a mile and a half during my daily activities and I walked almost four miles yesterday so I'd guess it was about two miles. *shrugs* Anyway, We started off walking and once my joints and muscles were all loosened up we started to jog. She told me to stop and showed me how I was jogging and how you're supposed to jog... I jog with my heels hitting the ground first... Apparently this isn't how you're supposed to jog. You're supposed to put most of the pressure on the balls of your feet. So, she had me walk the rest of the way without letting my heels hit the ground. That is so hard... and it kind of felt like I was creeping. Added into that, my fingers swell up when I walk so I was holding my hands out front of me and flexing and unflexing my fingers while walking on the balls of my feet. I yelled, "I'm a creeper! I'm going to get you!" And she busted out laughing. Haha...She told me that my goal is to walk on the balls of my feet whenever I can... I'm also supposed to strengthen my calves by standing still and bouncing up and down on the balls of my feet. Should be interesting! The next time we can get together is Monday so hopefully by then I can actually jog.

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