Saturday, April 21, 2012

Healthy Groceries

I went and got some groceries today. I got a lot of great healthy ones to make healthy recipes. I forgot to get some fruits and veggies for snacks so I may run back tomorrow and get some. I'm home and comfortable and ready to stay home and relax.

Grocery shopping is such a workout... well, if you're overweight like me. First you have to walk all around the store which has to burn at least a few calories, right??? As you load your cart, it gets heavier and you have to push it so that's got to burn some calories too. Actual shopping... I don't think that burns any more calories than how much you walk... However, I'm thinking that unloading your cart onto the conveyor belt, then loading the bags into the cart, and then loading the bags into the car, and then unloading them when you get home... I'm thinking that's gotta burn quite a few calories. I work up a sweat doing that. I'm fast at loading my purchases on the conveyor. Nothing annoys me more than getting to the check out and the person in front of me being slow... so I try to move at warp speed. Haha. My legs are sore and that's the only "workout" I did today so I'm thinking I burned something, right???

I made a new recipe today. I believe that I originally found it on Pinterest. I changed a few of the ingredients and came up with a low calorie version of it. It's high in sodium though... I'm not sure how to get around that one. It's for Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings. The dumplings are canned biscuits. Anyone have any ideas of a lower sodium alternative for canned biscuits? Anyway, it was really good. I have enjoyed it a lot.

I think tomorrow I may do a picture entry. I have done this before elsewhere, but I think it's a good idea. Pretty much, I'll just take pictures of everything I eat before I eat them. Then at the end of the night, I will post an entry on here with pictures and descriptions of everything eaten. This will help me be more accountable for what I'm eating... Be forewarned... I use a lot of paper plates. Haha. So, you'll get to see my "fine china" if I do this. Thoughts?

Okay, well... I'm going to head out. I need to go do some dishes and pick up my house a little before I go relax. Debating taking a nice relaxing bath tonight... Goodnight!

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