Friday, January 18, 2013


Weight Loss 
I’m struggling with weight loss right now. Not because I’m having binge episodes, but because I’m just not choosing healthy foods. I’m so happy that the Prozac is working. I haven’t had a binge in… over five months now. That is amazing… Regardless of that, the jeans I’m wearing are so big that I have to pull them up as I walk or they fall around my ankles… most days. Today they’re feeling rather snug. My gut is feeling large as well, but I honestly think this is because I ate a lot of sodium yesterday… I hate fat days. They are so… deflating.

On a positive note, I called Curves today and I am definitely active. I scheduled a weigh and measure for Monday after work so I can’t ditch. This is good because once I go, I’ll want to go back. I’m hoping that I can get in the habit of going to Curves again before I buy my treadmill… I found the one I want online on Walmart’s site… It’s a good brand… and brand new. I put it in my cart, added an extended service plan for $30 extra… why not?... and with taxes and everything it’s going to cost me about $400. I already budgeted that. I should definitely have a treadmill by the end of next month, but hopefully sooner. It’s available for pickup right away so once my tax return money gets deposited in my account, Pam and I are going to go get it. Exciting!

I’m having an awesome time playing with the product that I’m giving away soon. No hints yet, but I’m aiming to have my entry up for it on Wednesday. I’m so surprised that I got contacted to review and giveaway a product. It’s the first time that it’s EVER happened and I couldn't be more excited.

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  1. I'm glad the Prozac is working for you! :)

    I felt horrible the first 3 months I went off the pill. My periods were irregular, I had horrid cramps, and I was tired and achy. They seem to be better now though. But I break out really bad during my ovulation time and during my period. That part sucks. I haven't had to deal with that since high school!

    And we should start doing Curves together. Holding each other accountable and such. It may be enough motivation for me to get my ass in gear!


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