Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Supernatural Chicago Convention 2013 
As we all know (or most of you should know), I’m a nerd and love the show Supernatural. I have gone to the Chicago convention the past two years. I have had a blast each time, but it’s very expensive. I’ve probably spent a total of close $3-4K over the last two years just on convention stuff. I decided it’s time to be more mature and not spend that kind of money when I’m still in debt…

So, my friend Pam and I decided that we’re going to go up for Friday night karaoke. It’s free to the public. I’ve been searching rates and we can stay at the Westin O’hare (where the convention is held) for $180 a night. That’s a little steep, but since I’m only going one night and not going to the convention, it’s not a big deal… I’d rather stay in the Westin if possible. There is a Mariott right across the street that’s $135 a night. Pam said that she doesn’t care which hotel we stay in… it’s completely up to me. I’m probably going to book our room soon. It would be awesome if I could get the discount for going to the convention, but since I’m only staying one night and I’m not really going to any panels or anything, I probably shouldn’t.

Jolynn is amazing and said she’d get whatever autographs I want as long as I buy my tickets and get her something to have them sign. SWEET! There are four people going this year that I don’t have their autograph yet and would like them. They total $100. Not bad!

I figure, Pam and I will go up Friday afternoon. Then if any of my “nerd friends” (as my mom calls them) are there and free we can hang out before karaoke. I’m super-excited to be able to go again! We’ll stay all night and hopefully hang around until the afternoon and maybe hang out with my nerd friends some more. It’s also my birthday weekend again. YAY BIRTHDAY!

I’ve pretty much decided that I am going to get a treadmill. I know it will get more use than my gym membership. I wish I could find a decent used one online, but all the people around here want just about what it costs for a new one so I’ll just buy new.

I had a few really good comments on my entry from yesterday… a few with some good points. I got several people who said I should just walk outside which would be free. Yes, I agree that it would be free except for I know that I won’t walk outside. For one, I live in east central Illinois and Mother Nature doesn’t like us to have a spring and fall so we go from 110 degrees to 20 degrees just about overnight! Also, I was advised by my doctor to only walk on completely flat surfaces (like a treadmill) because my knees are so bad…

I also had people suggest looking into a personal trainer. There aren’t many options for personal trainers in my area… that I know of. I did a Google search of trainers in my area and there are a couple of them that I found, but they both work for the same gym. I don’t want to join another gym. It’s silly to jump from one gym to another…

Low Blood Pressure
I think I might be having low blood pressure issues. I’m light headed a lot and my vision goes white like I might black out. My hands are all weak and shaky. I have had high blood pressure since November of 2009. However, I was on birth control for almost nine years and a side effect of birth control is a raise in blood pressure. I have been off of my birth control for over two weeks now. I’m wondering if it’s lowered my blood pressure enough that when I take my blood pressure medication, it lowers it too much? I don’t know. I have to go next week to have it checked by my doctor, so I think I’ll be okay until then.

Mother Nature 
Sometimes I really don’t like living in east central Illinois. Sometimes I think Mother Nature is going through menopause. I mean, seriously? It was 60 degrees and sunny and beautiful Saturday morning. Then by Sunday it was barely pushing 30 with freezing rain, sleet, and snow. Awesome, Mother Nature! Way to confuse us. All of the crazy changes in temperature also mess with my sinuses and my joints. Just pick a season and stay with it, mmkay? Thanks!

So, I’m having a really hard time coming up with interesting things to write about. I saw a few of the people I read do this so I'm following the trend... If you have any questions you want to ask me, feel free to ask… Pretty much everything is okay. *shrugs*

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