Monday, November 5, 2012


I feel like a failure at keeping this blog up to date... *shrugs* I just write in too many places. I'm going to copy and paste my entry from another blog I write into this one...

So, we all know the worries that come about from having [other blogging site] down without a word from Bruce (site owner)... I'm sure he has a life outside of [other blogging site] and it doesn't really anger me, but it does worry me. I love this community which is why I will never leave it willingly, but I'm worried about losing my entries and losing contact with all of you should something happen to [other blogging site]. I've decided that I'm going to launch a website for ME. It will be my website... nothing else. It will have a blog and all of the other information about me that I can think of... I also think I will be deleting my weight loss blog (THIS BLOG) and only be writing on my website. I need to figure out a variety of things though... *shrugs* Like:
  1. What to name my website... I'm leaning towards "Crys Rochelle" right now. A lot of my friends call me Crys (pronounced like Chris) since my name is Crystal, and Rochelle is my middle name. My Twitter handle is currently CrysRochelle and I like how it sounds, but I'm not sure if that's what I want to use or not... Anyone else have any ideas for a website title?
  2. How to get notes on my blog entries... Without using a WordPress, Blogger, or [other blogging site]-type site to write my entries, I will need to figure out a way to allow people to comment on my entries. I could always add a Google form that would allow only private notes to me... or there's a website that I want to try out that gives you code to put in your website which allows you to add public comments. I will need to look into this one further.
  3. How to notify people of new entries... I've got an idea for this, which would be sorta what happens when you sign up for email notifications from Blogger. I'm thinking of putting a place for email addresses where people can sign up to get email alerts when I post a new entry. Then when I do, the people who want to be notified of entries will get an email from me with the entry in it. They can visit the site for comments or whatever if they want, but they'd at least be notified of new entries.
I'm thinking that's all I've got to figure out for now. Don't worry though... once I get my website up and running, I will copy and paste all entries that I write there over here and vice versa. :)Okay, I'm off to do some actual work.  Adios!

So, what do you all think? I will be sure to let you all know when the time comes what my new website is, but I'm having a hard time keeping all of my things separate and I'm so worried that any one of the site's I blog at is going to randomly shut down on me... I can control what happens to my website when I make a website from scratch. *shrugs*

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