Monday, November 19, 2012

Gymming It

I have been absent from the gym for a long time! I had been going to the gym regularly before that. I was going at least three days a week for cardio and usually five days a week for strength training which I now know is the opposite of what I should have been doing. Haha. Honestly, my thoughts were like this… When I was binge eating all the time, why should I bother going to the gym when I worked my butt off, but then ate like crap… My weight always stayed the same or crept higher.

Now that I've got my eating under control, I need to start going back to the gym. Luckily, I never canceled my Curves membership. It's on hold until the end of the year, and honestly, when that time comes, I'll be able to afford it again so I think I'll just keep it. I do enjoy Curves a lot and when I get into the habit of going, it works wonders for me… I still have my YMCA membership. Considering I qualify for financial aid, I don't pay very much for that membership. I probably should have seen if there was a way to put that membership on hold while I figured out my binge eating, but I didn't… oh well.

I'm planning on going back to the gym tonight. I'm really weird and don't want to go back when I can't go for a solid week in a row… I'm breaking my rule and going back this weekend when I for sure won't be able to go on Thursday. I'm just hoping that maybe I can do a workout video or something before going to Matt's parents' for lunch on Thanksgiving. I even canceled seeing Breaking Dawn Part 2 tonight with my bestie so I can go to the gym… I'm crazy, but I'll make it. LOL

I'm home for lunch right now. When my boyfriend gets up, I'm going to go pack my gym bag so I have it with me. If I have to go home to get it, I won't make it to the gym. It's how I am. LOL I need some capris or pants, a comfy tee, a workout bra, some socks, and my heart rate monitor. Considering it's been so long since I've been to the gym, I think I'm going to just do a recumbent bike for half an hour or so… Once I get the hang of going to the gym again, I'll up my workouts, but something fairly easy and pain free would be good to start with.

I just fried up some sausage for my dinner tonight. I'm making a not-so-calorie-friendly dish. It's something I've made up myself. You basically make a lasagna out of beef and cheese ravioli. You layer half in the bottom of a 13x9 baking sheet, and then you take a container of ricotta with some parmesan and mozzarella in it… spread that out over the ravioli, add some more ravioli, top with sauce and mozzarella and bake until cooked through. Yum! We're having it with some broccoli and cauliflower and garlic bread. It's a BIG dinner which is part of the reason I wanted to go to the gym tonight… so I'm not over on my calories. LOL

Okay, I need to get busy getting my crap together. I'll write soon! Adieu!

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