Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hard at Work

I've been hard at work on my site. It's coming along nicely in my opinion. There are a lot of things that still need added, but I've basically figured out the layout and how I want things. There are a lot of design items that I need to look into... I also need to figure something else out to put down below my "Follow Me" thing so that the space is continuous. I cannot change the size of the email notifications sign-up thing. Hmmm...
I've uploaded every page, but so far they all look the same... like this one. I haven't gone through and edited the content on each page yet. I also made a thank you page for when someone signs up for email notifications, but when I just tested it, it didn't work. No idea why. I've used the same website before and not had any problems. Hmmm again...

Non-site related stuff... I've been busy at work. Mostly because I only work Monday through Wednesday of this coming up week and then I'm off for a week straight! I haven't been off for a week straight since I started working there! It's amazing though! :) I don't even have many plans. Our house needs a good scrubbing so I'll hopefully get that done on one of my days off. Also, I'm planning on decorating for Christmas at some point as well. The only thing that stinks is that I ordered a new Christmas tree online and it's not due to arrive until December 3rd. Ugh... I'll just have to wait until then to put up my tree and whatnot...

I'm sad because I'm beyond broke so I won't be able to go Black Friday shopping this year. I've gone the past three years and I've enjoyed it each time... I'm not holding my breath, but I might have a couple of fingers crossed that my boss will give us a Thanksgiving bonus again this year... I doubt it, but it would be nice!

Okay, I better get back to work... I just wanted to write an entry so I could see what it looks like!

Thanks for visiting!!!

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