Friday, August 31, 2012

August Foodie Penpal Reveal

The Lean Green Bean

This was my first month participating in the Foodie Penpals. I had a lot of fun creating my box to send out. I sent to Vikki who doesn't have a blog and told me to go ahead and write about what I sent her as she wouldn't have the time to write a guest post... Here is what I sent (from left to right):

  1. Rockome Gardens Peanut Butter Spread - Homemade Amish Peanut Butter
  2. Rockome Gardens Apple Butter - Homemade Amish Apple Butter
  3. Hodgson Mill Brownie Mix - Made with Whole Wheat Flour and Milled Flax Seed
  4. Oakland Noodle Company Egg Noodles
  5. Good Sense Soynuts
All of the items I sent were locally made. I live in East Central Illinois and these items were all made in towns within 50 miles of where I live... except the soynuts, but I sent them because a town within 50 miles of me has a huge soybean processing plant. I tried to take her on a tour of my area. :) I was going to send her some Lender's Bagels as I live in the "Bagel Capital of the World", but all of the bagels in this area are ones that must be refrigerated so I couldn't send them. I also sent her a print out of TripAdvisor's Wackiest Summer Events. My town made the list at number 10.

Here was her response upon receiving the box:
Hi Crystal -

Just got back into town & LOVE the package!  I'm from Illinois, so I really got a kick out of everything & the TripAdvisor print out.  And I grew up on Lender's bagels, so that was a nostalgic reference (even if they couldn't make it in the box). 

I plan to take a pic & post to my FB & show my friends...thanks again! 

I was super happy to learn that she loved her box of goodies. I was a bit nervous sending out my first box of foods. :)

I received my package from Amanda over at Healthy Recipe Girl. When I unpacked my package, I realized that I opened the box upside down. Whoops! I couldn't take a picture of the box before I took out the contents, but here is what I received:

Close up of food items:
Amanda sent me:
  1. Hodgson Mill Xanthan Gum (Gluten Free) - She says: "You add a small amount to smoothies to make them thicker." - Unfortunately, I haven't tried this yet. Once I do make a smoothie, I will let you all know how I liked it.
  2. Nature's Path Organic Love Crunch Apple Crumble - This is an organic granola. I loved this stuff! I would just pour a serving out and eat it by itself... or it's amazing stirred into some vanilla nonfat yogurt. Yum! I'm going to be so sad when I run out of it... For sure!
  3. Kind Plus Bar Almond Walnut Macadamia - I had never had a Kind bar before and I have to say that I loved this!!! It was really tasty and I would definitely buy it on my own. I loved how you could really taste the macadamia nuts... those are one of my favorites!
  4. She also sent three of her favorite recipes for me to try. I can now make baked egg in avocado, chocolate almond butter overnight oats, and pumpkin protein pancakes. I didn't get around to making any of these as of yet, but I definitely can't wait to try them all!
All in all, my first Foodie Penpals experience was a great one. I can't wait to do it all over again with new people!

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