Monday, June 17, 2013


I've been needing to schedule my yearly gynecological appointment for a while now. I usually have it in March or April, and here it is June, and I still haven't had it. This is mostly because I don't want to see my doctor. I don't want to go in there not weighing less than I did last time. I hate to see her disapproving look... especially since I was so sure that my problem was the compulsive overeating. I no longer compulsively overeat, but I still overeat and I still eat very, very unhealthily.

A girl I used to work with sent me a message on Facebook about a week ago saying that I should look into seeing a nutritionist...  She's seeing one and it's really helping her out with her weight loss. I can't afford anything like that because I am so poor right now... like canceling my Curves membership and some of my cable poor. So, I decided to email my health insurance and see what they said about seeing a nutritionist. This is their response:
Thank you for your online inquiry. In regards to seeing a nutritionist, individual nutritional counseling is covered up to 3 visits (1 date of service per visit) for certain diagnosis such as obesity, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, or heart conditions. The provider has to bill with the appropriate CPT and diagnosis codes. You would also want to utilize an in-network physician. You would want to use one through the [my local hospital]. No referral is required and there is no copayment, just coverage of 100% with approved diagnosis.  
I am definitely obese as my BMI is currently 36 and obesity is considered a BMI of 30 or greater. I would need to get down to 191 before I am no longer considered obese. I also have hypertension (high blood pressure). I guess I'm doubly qualified for 100% coverage on nutritionist visits. Now, my insurance doesn't need a referral, but the only way the nutritionists at my hospital will see you is if you have a doctor's referral... My ex-coworker (who works at the hospital) told me this...

I am going to bite the bullet and get yelled at for not losing weight. I scheduled an appointment for Friday. I'm going to have my gynecological exam, a skin screening (checking for cancerous-looking moles), and talk to her about getting a referral to see a nutritionist at the hospital. The good news is because of my pap smear and skin screening, I will get $250 back from my Colonial Life plan just for having the procedures done. This is way, way exciting because I am totally and unbearably broke right now

After thinking about it all weekend, I thought that it wouldn't help me if Matt isn't on board. He buys the groceries. He's set in his ways. So yesterday I asked him if he would be game in eating healthier if I learn how by meeting with the nutritionist. He said yes which makes me very happy. We eat like crap and we're both overweight... me moreso than him, but still. I'm excited for the possibilities. :)


  1. good idea :) i cant believe how much you get back for getting skin screening and yearly exam done.

  2. This is a great idea. Looking forward to seeing what the nutritionist says! BTW...I love reading your blog, I'm just more of a reader than a commenter ;)


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