Thursday, June 27, 2013

DietBet + Doctor Appointment

Have you all heard about DietBet? It's this website where you bid a certain amount of money and bet that you can lose 4% of your body weight in four weeks. If you lose 4% you split the pot with the other people who successfully complete the bet. If you don't lose 4% your money is split by the participants who did... The bets are ran by people who have to verify your weight is correct so it's hard to cheat... I've never participated in a DietBet, but my friend Brenda has and she's rocking her weight loss. I started a DietBet competition that starts on Sunday (meaning weigh ins are tomorrow and Saturday). Right now there are only three of us competing. You all should check it out and join. The more participants, the better the competition!

I went to the doctor last week for my annual gynecological appointment. Fun times. The good news: I get to start weaning myself off my Prozac. This is amazing. I will start doing it beginning July 1st. Basically instead of taking one pill a night, I will take it every other night for two to three weeks. And then I will take it every third night for a couple of weeks. By that time, I should be weaned off of it.

She also suggested that I start taking prenatal vitamins. I told her that once I'm off the Prozac, we're not going to TRY to get pregnant, but we're also not going to prevent it. I guess she's hoping I get pregnant sooner rather than later. Haha...

I talked to her about seeing a nutritionist and she referred me to the Weight Management Program at the hospital. Your first visit is free and then from there they determine whether to set you up with a personalized nutritionist or not... I emailed to ask about it and they can't get me in until July 15th, but I do have an appointment which is exciting.

I need to tackle a plan so I don't lose my DietBet, but I'm out of time today. I suppose I'll try tomorrow!

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  1. my gyno said the same thing about taking pre natals, that they cant hurt me. yeah i havent taken one. LOL. i guess you can by the OTC now.
    im going to weigh in tonight after dinner, that is how i did the other one, then change my weigh ins to right after work. you drop 2 lbs right away doing that. :)


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