Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Link Up

A bad habit I’m going to break:  Using my credit cards. I know that sometimes credit cards can be helpful, but my debt has gotten out of control. I need to get a reign on it. As soon as I think about it (while I'm at home), I'm going to take all of my credit cards out of my wallet and seal them in a box. Then I will put this box on my bookshelf and not touch it unless it's an absolute emergency. Not having my credit cards in my wallet will definitely help quell my spending habits. I also need to remove all of my credit cards from all online shopping sites (PayPal, Walmart, etc).

A new skill I’d like to learn:  I would really like to learn a new language. I'm not sure if and when it would happen, but I would like to learn to speak Italian. I think it's such a beautiful sounding language. Ideally I would use Rosetta Stone or another like product to learn as they get the best results. I would also like to learn how to speak sign language. The community college in my town offers a couple of sign language classes. I just haven't had the time or money to look into taking one yet.

A person I hope to be more like:  I'm not sure that I really want to be more like anyone. I would like to be a better version of myself though. I would like to spend less on junk that I don't need and give more to the poor. I would like to get rid of the many pounds of excess weight that I've been carrying around for far too long. I would like to learn more and actually do what I aspire to do... write. I would like to better myself and become the best version of me that there can be.

A good deed I’m going to do:  I left this question for last. I skipped it and came back. I'm not really sure what good deed I will do this year. I fund raise for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. I donate my gently used clothes. I'm not really sure what I could do. I suppose I could look into volunteering somewhere. I've always wanted to do that and haven't. This one is really making me ponder.

A place I’d like to visit:  I would really love to travel to many places. I'm not sure that I will get to visit anywhere this year. I said last year I would be more mature and not recklessly spend my money so I could save up and go to Los Angeles. That's not going to happen any time soon, but I would love to go there. My friend Rick lives in LA and he told me if I ever made it out there, he would be my personal travel guide. He's an actor so I think that would be amazingly fun. BE MATURE, CRYSTAL!!! STOP BLOWING YOUR MONEY!!! I would also like to visit some random other places within the United States (Niagara Falls being one of them) and some other countries (Ireland being top of the list).

A book I’d like to read:  Wow. My goal is to read two books a month this year... I honestly don't know what's on my list. I'm currently in the middle of Allegiant (the third in the Divergent series) and I would like to finish it tonight or tomorrow so I can start the new year with a fresh book.

A letter I’m going to write:  I don't have any letters that I feel need to be written for any reason or another. I would like to start sending personalized birthday cards to my friends and family members. I'm actually going to create a Google document that my friends and family can fill out that will have all of the information I need to send cards and letters to them. I'm excited to get that started soon. :)

A new food I’d like to try:  This year I tried Thai food for the first time. It was incredibly spicy though delicious. I'm not sure what food or ethnicity of food that I would like to try this year. I guess I would like to try Indian food. I've never had Indian food before and it looks yummy every time I see it anywhere. I'm not sure that we have any Indian food places around me though. I guess I'll have to look into that.

I’m going to do better at:  Not procrastinating. I tend to have big expectations and make huge plans and then don't follow through. This means in regards to my job, my writing, my fan site, everything. For example, I was supposed to be launching a new layout for my fan site today and I haven't 100% figured it out yet. I'm currently working on it while watching Christmas movies. Good times.

Anyway, this was fun, and ...


Be safe and have a great night!

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  1. I love this, very fun :) One good deed I do and want to continue doing is working with Girls on the Run. My husband and I also try to volunteer at various places [soup kitchens, food banks, etc.] a few times throughout the year as well.


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