Friday, January 24, 2014


I am majorly overwhelmed at the moment. I have this habit of biting off more than I can chew and getting stressed because I have too much on my plate. When I get into this place, I tend to shut down. I don't know where to begin to accomplish my too-ambitious to-do list so I do nothing.

I need to work on my Supernatural fan site. My website hosted a photo scavenger hunt that ran from mid-December to early January. I was hoping to have the results posted by the 12th of this month. Almost two weeks later and I'm not anywhere close to going through all of the photographs submitted for it. I still have a couple of week's worth of work on it, I'm guessing. Though I'm planning to spend quite a bit of time tonight and tomorrow working on it. Also, I do a whole new layout on my fan site each year. I haven't even updated a single page yet. Yikes. I need to do that as well. I'm basically going to be wiping away the entire site and slowly re-uploading all of the pages. I feel like I need to do this so that all of the pages are completely fresh. It's going to take a while. I'm hoping to work on that again within the next couple of days as well.

I also started a Jason Segel fan site. I have never considered doing a fan site for a single actor/actress before as most of them already have amazing sites and it's hard to keep a site like that updated. Well, when I became obsessed with him earlier this year (I don't even think I talked about that, I'll save it for another day), I searched for a great website for him and found nothing. We can't have that, he's an awesome actor and comedian and seems like an amazing guy. I started a site for him and hoped to be almost done with it by his birthday which was January 18th. That didn't happen. Bummer... I need to work on it again soon, but considering it's a new website with no followers as of yet, and I have so much to do on the Supernatural site, I'm placing this one on the back burner for a little while... This doesn't mean I love Jason Segel any less though. Haha. I would marry him and have his babies if he asked me to... Yeah, I'll definitely have to do an entry about him soon. I think I posted one on my other blogging site, but was too embarrassed to share it here. I've decided that part of what makes me who I am is my obsessions so I need to discuss that too... and I shouldn't be embarrassed about who I am. So, that's that...

I have been planning a baby shower for my best friend as well. She gave birth on December 11th, 13 weeks prematurely, to a little blessing named Dylan. Her baby shower was originally planned for February 1st and, after Dylan was born, she decided she wanted to keep it that date. It's hard to believe that Dylan is already a month and a half old... or 32 weeks, 5 days gestation. He's doing wonderfully... he's just over 3 pounds and off his nasal cannula for oxygen. They're guessing he'll go home between 36-40 weeks gestation. Since he's doing so well, my fingers are crossed that he'll get to go home closer to the 36 week mark. I haven't gotten to meet him yet! Any case, our mutual friend Sarah and I have been planning the shower. It's going to be at my parents' house next Saturday from 2-4 pm. Sarah and I are going out Sunday late morning to do the shopping for it. I'm excited! I just wish the people invited would RSVP already. We need a semi-accurate account of who's coming so we don't go overboard on food and supplies...

AND I've been slacking around my house. My to-do list there is extremely long. My bathroom needs thoroughly cleaned. My bedroom closet needs gone though... both the clothes and the non-clothes items. I need to finish rearranging the living room. My parents got us a new DVD stand for Christmas... previously our DVDs were just on a bookshelf. I need to finish moving all the stuff off the bookshelf so I can get rid of it and move some tables and whatnot around so the living room isn't all cluttered. I need to get caught up on laundry and dishes. I need to clean out my fridge... Ack. Why can't there be more hours in the day!?!

♥ My nerd worlds colide... books and Doctor Who! ♥
I've also let this blog go and I'm super sorry about that. I love writing in any form and I feel like neglecting this blog is neglecting myself. I don't know if that sounds weird or not, but I feel like I need to keep this blog up and write about my life just to be sane. I have been slacking on my book writing as well. Writing in general just isn't happening for me right now. That makes me incredibly sad. Writing is an outlet for me... I need to really put it on the front burner and quickly.

On the plus side, I've been reading more. I've already read three books this year and am about halfway through a fourth. Reading is the most wonderful thing. I love when I really get into books. I read a couple of books in a series that really hit home to me. I'm going to have to do some research and look into things... which I hope will help me in all aspects of my life. I know this is vague, but I'm not getting into anything about this topic on a public blog. *shrugs* I just wanted to bring it up to say that I know because of this series, my life is going to be bettered and that's an amazing thing... It's so completely mind-blowing that a series of books can affect a person the way the series has influenced me. Just sayin'...

Okay, I really think this entry is long enough and I'm hoping to have more up and running soon. Talk to you all later! :)

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