Friday, May 3, 2013

Motivated May + Money Woes

Now that my pity party from Wednesday is over...

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who offered me a kind word, advice, or motivation. It truly means the world to me to know that I have anyone on my side... including a bunch of virtual strangers whose advise I always take to heart... Some people were sure to tell me not to take offense to their comments. Don't worry. I wasn't. I appreciate everything that was said... even the ones that may have seemed a little harsher. I mean, hey, I'd definitely rather get your true reaction than what you think I want to hear.

My cousin must have somehow known I was struggling. Maybe we have cousin ESP or something. *shrugs* Normally I talk to her about my struggles, but I didn't this time... I vented here on my blog. Regardless that I didn't discuss it with her, she sent me an email with this attached:

I'm going to participate. I'm a couple of days behind, but I'm going to do it anyway. I'm not sure how I'm going to do the stair ones as I have no stairs in my home and I don't really know of anywhere I could go to use stairs, save my sister's apartment complex and I'd rather not have to do that. *shrugs* I'll figure something out... Maybe I'll do squats instead. Who knows...

Money Woes

I hate money... Okay, hate is a strong word and it's not really money that I dislike, it's the lack thereof. I never have any. I have the same problem my mother does... money burns a giant hole in my pocket and I spend it like it's going out of style. I buy too much and too often. I've been in debt forever it seems like. Since I turned 18 and got my first credit card, I've been out of debt for approximately three months... other than that, I've had some sort of debt and it sucks...

My father is exactly the opposite. The only debt he has is the car loan and house loan. He has credit cards, but only uses them when they need used and pays them off immediately when he gets the bill. His credit score is something like 810 or something like that. Mine is currently around 600 which is a lot better than the 500 it was for a long time. I'm working on it...

Anyway, my money woes came today when I checked out my budget. I make killer Excel spreadsheets and I made one for my expenses. I always forget to pay bills otherwise and I hate paying bills late. It amazes me how I went from not caring if debt collectors nagged me daily to refusing to making a late payment. It's taken about three years, but I'm glad my mentality has changed... My mind is everywhere today... excuse my tangent. LOL So, this spreadsheet... I put the (incredibly small) amount of my check at the top and then it deducts each payment I have to make and tells me what I have left. Get ready for sadness:
  • I got paid today and I have a little less than $30 left to my name for two weeks.
  • My next check is on May 17th and I'll have about $60 left after paying bills and buying my mom's Mother's Day gift.
  • The next check is on May 31st and after paying bills, and only bills, I will have about $70.
  • The following check is on June 14th, and no exaggeration, I will have $4.88 after paying my bills. I don't even have the money to buy my dad a Father's Day gift right now. ARG!
  • Finally, my paycheck on June 28th, I'll have $200 left after paying mandatory bills. That's a relief.

So sad!!! It makes me so frustrated. I seriously complain about money about as much as I complain about my lack of weight loss... or possibly  more. I know I need a better paying job, but I like my job... usually. I like my coworkers and I like that it would be incredibly hard to replace me so my job is very steady. I am so terrified that if I leave here, I'll get in a job that I'll hate... or one that won't be steady and I'll end up unemployed... I really, really wish I could find a way to supplement my income. I can't really get a second job because who wants to hire someone who can only work 6-10pm weekdays?

I got this free Kindle book that is supposed to help you find a suitable work from home job. This guy spent months scouring the internet and finding legitimate jobs. I wouldn't even mind doing like... customer service online. I really wish I could find a couple of small companies that needed web design. I love building sites, but I can't make them SUPER fancy. Like, I built my fan site SUPERNATURAL FANDOM from the ground up. I think it looks nice, but I'm sure other people could do something fancier. *shrugs*

Okay, I've gotta get busy, so I'm out of here. :)

Oh, and HAPPY 80TH BIRTHDAY, Grandma! 
(It was technically Tuesday, but we're having her party tomorrow (Saturday).)

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