Friday, October 5, 2012


Okay, so... I was thinking and I don't understand why society thinks that you need food in honor to celebrate or mourn or just... whatever.

We have ten employees that work in my store. One doesn't celebrate his birthday at work. Out of the other nine of us, FIVE of us have October birthdays... We bring in food for our co-worker's birthdays. Since there are five of us in October, we just do two celebrations. One at the beginning of the month for two of the employees and one towards the end of the month for the remaining three of us. We had our food day for the beginning of the month yesterday. No one ever brings anything remotely healthy... this time, we kind of had a couple of healthy options which was good. We had macaroni and cheese and meatballs (not healthy), and then chicken enchilada soup (which is healthy until you add the cheese and sour cream) and ham with potatoes and green beans. Then we had brownies, mini pies, and cinnamon rolls. Ack!

Needless to say, I didn't make the best choices. It also doesn't help that I've lost all side effects of my Prozac except one... I can't use the bathroom. Add that to the fact that my Auntie Flo is supposed to be visiting this weekend and you get a doubly bloated me. I felt like a whale this morning when I got on the scale... expecting it to mock me and be horribly high. Honestly? I'm up two pounds from last week, but I'm surprised it's not more. I'm sure once I'm able to use the restroom, it will drop a lot... Ugh. If I don't go by Sunday, I'm going to go get some stool softener... no laxatives cause I hate those, but something's gotta be done...

Anyway, back onto the main topic of my entry. Food. My mom's birthday is Monday and we're starting the celebrations tonight. With food and drinks... followed by tomorrow (her party) with even more food... Ugh. I don't get why celebrations have to have so much food!!! I was hoping this would be more eloquent, but apparently it's not. Haha...

Any case, my mom's friend's daughter just brought by her birthday cake. It's so nice!!!

I was going to go buy over-the-hill themed things, but I'm wondering if I should maybe just get a couple over the hill balloons and then some bright ones to kind of match her cake? LOL I don't know.

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