Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Death Sucks

I didn't have time to write an entry yesterday and even if I did, I doubt I really would have... especially about this topic. Three years ago yesterday, my (just turned) 18 year old cousin was killed in an automobile accident. Death is hard to begin with, but the unexpected death of one so young cuts like a knife. He was being stupid and irresponsible like young men can be, but most of the time, the idiocracy doesn't result in the deaths of two young men.

Mitch and his friend Nathan were killed in the car accident. Neither were wearing their seat belts and they were both thrown from the car. Their friend Damien who was also in the car survived with only minimal injuries, but he was wearing his seat belt.

The best thing that came from Mitchel's death is that he had a rare blood type. Apparently, only about 4% of the population have the same blood type he did... My aunt and uncle decided to donate his organs and he saved the lives of four individuals who would have probably otherwise died themselves. His family had received letters from and actually met a recipient of his organs. I believe that would humble me to the core.

While we're on the subject... Life is not fair. My dad's cousin's wife was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years back. She fought hard and won her battle remaining in remission for a while. Her hair is long and she was healthy. A couple of weeks ago, she got the terrible news that the cancer had returned and this time it was in her liver. They currently have about $120,000 in medical bills from her first battle with cancer. Her doctor informed her that there is only an experimental treatment she could try, but since it was experimental, her insurance probably wouldn't pay for it unless she could get into a teaching school. He was going to try to get her into one of those. But regardless... even with this treatment, and even if it works, they're only giving her a year to live... If she can't get the treatment, they're giving her 3-6 months.

She's currently marking things off of her bucket list. She had never seen the ocean, and right now she's in Florida for a week with her sister... feet in the ocean, butt in the sand... :) She also wanted to see her house finished before she passes so my dad (who works in construction) along with a bunch of other family and friends are donating their time and labor to helping finish the remodeling of her house. They're hoping to be done by Sunday as she will be back from Florida Monday.

Cancer sucks.
Death sucks.

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