Thursday, August 8, 2013

Double Divas

Have you all ever heard of the Lifetime television show Double Divas? It's about these two women Molly and Cynthia who are best friends and own a lingerie shop called LiviRae Lingerie near Atlanta, Georgia. They go around helping women find the right bra. They have bras in their shop from size AA to size N!!! Holy cow! I just became aware of the show earlier this week as I turned my TV on after work and Lifetime was on. I was immediately hooked. These southern girls are hilarious and very knowledgeable about bras and breasts. I'm amazed by them! I almost want to go to Georgia just to go to their shop! Anyway... one of the most interesting things I've learned is that 85% of women don't wear the correct size bra. I got bra fitted at Victoria's Secret a long time ago and was much thinner then. I was told I wore a 40DD then, but I didn't believe that! I wasn't that big! I ended up buying a bra that was a 38C or something like that and while I could fit in it... it wasn't comfortable.

I saw a clip on YouTube, I don't remember which one, where Molly and Cynthia were talking about some of the signs your bra doesn't fit correctly. I had several of them like: constantly pulling the band down in the back, the straps slipping off your shoulders, having to adjust your breasts inside of the cups because they move around, being able to push on the wire on the side of the breast and it move (it's not supposed to???), and a few other things. They also said that most women who think they wear a D, really wear a G. What? That doesn't sound right... I wear a D now... So, I found several online sites that tell you how to properly measure yourself to figure out your bra size. I did this and was shocked to find out that on all of them I was between a 42-44 G, I, or J!!! That is huge!!! I didn't know my boobs were that big!

Yesterday I discovered that I broke the under wire on my only full-black bra. I have some black bras with designs, but sometimes you need a solid black bra. So, onto Lane Bryant's website I went. I wanted to see if they had any sales on bras. Their bras are expensive, but even when you think you wear a D, you need good bras. I found a cute bra that I liked (pic on the right) and put a solid black and cafe mocha both in size 42G in my cart. If I paid full price for these bras, I would be paying $88.50 ($44.25 each). However, they were running a buy one, get one 50% off deal AND an extra 30% off your entire cart. I got both bras for $47.26 before shipping and taxes ($23.63 each). Great deal! I put them on my Fashion Bug credit card... I know that I was complaining about my debt just yesterday, but bras are a necessity and I won't be buying any more any time soon... and I imagine I will probably be returning these because 42G just sounds really huge!

Also, on the debt front, last night I went on my Amazon account and my PayPal account and removed the cards that I could remove. For some reason, PayPal wouldn't let me remove one card because a transaction was pending... I didn't see any pending transactions! And I'm broke until I get paid tomorrow (and I'm not the only one on my Amazon account) so I left one card up on there in case anyone bought a book between now and then... or tried to... tomorrow I will be trying to remove those two cards again.

Your Thoughts:
  • Ladies: Do you think you wear the correct bra size?


  1. I know I wear the wrong size. I almost cried the one time I let the woman measure me. I'm not a fan of giant boobs

  2. I once went to a fancy shmancy place to get properly fitted and they told me a lot of the same things---but the biggest one was that women should be wearing their bras a lot lower on the back. turns out, I was wearing a 34-36 B but should have been wearing a 32D. (I only bought one bra at that size especially because of the price and have stayed with my other bra's and am doing just fine)


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