Friday, July 26, 2013

MyOatmeal Review

A little bit ago, I saw a review on Frickin' Fabulous at 40's blog for I was super excited with what I read. I was even more excited when she posted that she got her bag of oatmeal for free (kind of) because she agreed to do a review. You basically get a coupon for up to $12 for the bag of oatmeal and then you pay shipping which is around $6. I love trying products and writing reviews so I went and signed up for the same deal!

Over the last week I've been making some decisions to be more healthy. I've had some episodes which were really close to binges and it scared me that I was falling back into old habits so I decided to take control... Oatmeal is healthy and filling and one of my favorite things!

When you get to the MyOatmeal site, you can build your own blend of oatmeal. First you let them know how much you'd like: 1 lb, 2.25 lbs, or 4 lbs. Then you choose your kind of oats: quick rolled instant oats, 5 grain rolled oats and flax, steel cut whole oats, signature smash blend, or gluten free rolled oats. Then you can choose to add some flavoring! They have flavors like apple brown sugar, banana bread, butter pecan, cake batter, cookie dough, mint chip, old fashioned donut, peanut butter, red velvet, strawberry shortcake, sugar cookie, vanilla frosting, and white cake. After you make the impossible decision of what flavor you'd like, you pick what fruits you would like to add: apples, banana chips, light and dark raisins, coconut, ginger, currants, dates, prunes, figs, etc... You can also choose some premium fruits: blueberries, cherries, peaches, pears, or strawberries. If you added some flavor, they recommend that you pick a sweetener to add to your blend: brown cane sugar, white cane juice crystals, or sucralose (Splenda). Your last choice is whether you want to add some nuts, seeds, or anything else: cashews, walnuts, pecans, chia seeds, PB Lean, etc... Finally you get to name your creation.

I went through about fifteen combinations before I decided on one I deemed "Apple Cinnamon Roll". It had quick rolled instant oats, cinnamon roll flavoring, extra apples, dark and golden raisins, brown cane sugar, and walnuts. I placed my order, paid for the shipping and anxiously awaited the arrival of my oats.

It didn't take long! I placed my order on Saturday afternoon and it arrived Wednesday. I opened my package and was impressed with the bag the oatmeal came in. I checked it out and then anxiously waited until I got off work to have some oatmeal for dinner. I opened the bag and was amazed with the amount of fruits and nuts in the bag. I mean, if you check out the pic below you can see a huge chunk of apple right on top! It was super easy to make in the microwave with some water. Once it was finished, I couldn't wait to dig in!!! The bag said to let it cool off, but I ate my oatmeal hot and it was delicious that way!

If you're interested in trying some, you should check out their site and their Facebook page. You never know when they'll be running their review promo. Probably the coolest part of the site is that as you're building your oatmeal, it tallies up the calories and the price for you on the right side of the screen. Amazing stuff!


  1. oh i love oatmeal and i love the size of those chunks too.

    1. It really is delicious! I can't wait to buy another bag!

  2. YUM! I have oatmeal for breakfast EVERY day, but it's always the pre-packaged kind. This sounds interesting!!

    1. It's definitely delicious! I love the kind I got and can't wait to buy another bag. My next one is going to be peanut butter, chocolate, hazelnut, walnut, and banana flavored. Sounds awesome. :)


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