Monday, July 22, 2013

Friend Makin' Monday: Let's Talk About TV

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Let’s Talk About TV
  1. Share your current “Must-See” TV shows.  I watch so many TV shows it's ridiculous. LOL Right now, I like to watch Dexter, Drop Dead Diva, Switched at Birth, The Fosters, Pretty Little Liars, and Twisted as soon as they air. Those are my must watch shows, I guess. :) 
  2. Do you prefer reality shows or sitcoms?  I prefer dramas. LOL I watch a lot of drama shows. The only reality show I watch is So You Think You Can Dance and I don't watch many sitcoms... I think that means like half an hour comedies... 
  3. Who is your favorite talk show host? Ellen DeGeneres for sure... I don't get to watch Ellen much anymore because of my work schedule, but I love her. She's definitely my favorite! 
  4. Which network(s) do you turn to for news?  I normally watch just my local news... If something big is happening I'll watch CNN or Fox News, but usually it's just my local news.
  5. Do you have Tivo or DVR?  If so, which programs do you have set to record? LOL This is a ridiculous question for me. I have a DVR and it's currently set to record about 85 different series. Not all of them are mine, but I'd guess about 80% of them are. TV is my vice. I love television!!! 
  6. Have you ever started watching a show simply because you heard so much about it on social media?  If so, which one did you watch? I started watching Pretty Little Liars and Army Wives because there was so much hooplah about the finales... same with Grey's Anatomy (but that was a long time ago)... 
  7. List any TV series that you own on DVD.  Dexter - seasons one to five, Breaking Bad - seasons one to four, The Office - seasons one to four or five, Oz - season one, Fringe - season one, Game of Thrones - season one, Sherlock - season one, Supernatural - seasons one to six... I'm thinking that's all of the series that I own... 
  8. Do you have a subscription to Netflix, Hulu, etc? Yes... I currently have a subscription to Netflix (only instant streaming)... I used to have subscriptions to Hulu and RedBox Instant, but I no longer have those... 
  9. If you could star in a TV show that already exists, which one would you choose? Probably Dexter (I love Michael C. Hall) or Vampire Diaries (Ian Somerhalder is pure gorgeousness). :)
  10. If you could bring back one TV show that is no longer on the air, which one would you choose? Oh wow... Chuck maybe... or Private Practice... Haha. No idea...
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Question: I'm going to start watching a show via Netflix while I walk on the treadmill, here is my current list of possible TV shows, which would you suggest???

24, Alias, Alphas, Angel, Being Human (U.K.), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Damages, Dawson's Creek, Desperate Housewives, Firefly, Freaks and Geeks, Friday Night Lights, Harper's Island, House of Cards, In Plain Sight, Jericho, Longmire, Lost Girl, Luther, Medium, One Tree Hill, Orange is the New Black, Quantum Leap, Rescue Me, Roswell, Saved by the Bell, Saving Grace, Sister Wives, Skins (U.K.), Terra Nova, The Dead Zone, The Gates, The L Word, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, The West Wing, The Wonder Years, The X-Files, Torchwood, Ugly Betty, United States of Tara, Warehouse 13


  1. Firefly is quick - only 13 episodes or something like that. And I've also heard House of Cards is very good - it got a lot of Emmy nods and broke records for an Online Only show.

    1. Hi Tracy,

      I have heard very good things about House of Cards too. I'm not sure which way I'm going to go. Haha. Thanks for your input!


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