Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Best Friend's Wedding + Cutest Pet Contest

Sorry I've been M.I.A. My best friend Pam got married Saturday and being as I'm the only bridesmaid that lives in the same state as her, I got the pleasure of taking care of a lot of the bridesmaid duties. I've been busy, and there's not much to report personal-wise, so I'm just going to go into my weekend recap...


I woke up around 7:15 even though I could have slept in… but I couldn’t sleep! I laid in bed for a while and got on Facebook on my phone. I waited until about 8 and then got up and hopped in the bathtub. I took a long bath and watched an episode of Hemlock Grove on Netflix in the tub (via my Kindle Fire). Then I shaved, showered, and got ready. I left my house around 9:30 and ran by the gas station for a donut and some chocolate milk. My sister had found my mom’s friend’s debit card on the ground outside of the grocery store and brought it to me. After stopping at the gas station, I ran by work to give my mom her friend’s debit card. I told her friend that she would have it. Then I headed to the nail salon.
Pam and I got our manicures and pedicures and, I gotta say, I loved my pedicure! I thought I would hate having a pedicure, but it wasn't bad at all. The only part that bothered me at all was when the nail lady was filing the dead skin off the bottom of the ball of my foot, but... My feet are super soft! When we were done, we went by the local porn shop to get garters. Pam had forgotten to get a couple when she got her wedding dress and my town is so small that the porn shop was the only place with them. I was so embarrassed to go in there! It’s rather sketchy and the woman who runs it is super weird. We were in and out though. When we left, we agreed to meet at Pam’s house. I decided to stop by McDonald’s and got a McChicken and a sweet tea for lunch.

When I got tho her house, Pam wanted to put together her arch for the ceremony. It was a plain green garden arch. We took white tulle and wrapped it tight around the sides and then loose across the top. Then we took yellow tulle and wrapped the side supports and made different loose loops across the top. We took garland strands with yellow, orange, and white flowers on it and draped them on the sides and across the top. I’m so proud of how it turned out!!! It was beautiful! I don't have any photos to share yet... but once I do, I will share them!

We had to take a break a short break in the middle of putting together the arch to run to the Dollar Tree and Walmart. She needed more flowers for the arch and candy for the candy bar at the wedding reception. When we got back, we finished the arch and then she threw a frozen pizza in the oven for dinner. We went into her spare room and took the stickers off some candle holders. It took her peeling and me scrubbing them with rubbing alcohol. They were for center pieces and the price labels couldn't stay on... Around 7:30, we finished doing that. Patrick (Pam's new husband) helped load up the back seat and trunk of my car and hers with a bunch of stuff (alcohol, decorations, food, etc).

After standing outside with Pam chatting for a bit, I left around 8:30 and headed home.I got home, got together everything I’d need to take with me Saturday morning, laid out some clothes and got in bed. My mind was reeling and I couldn’t sleep so I watched another episode of Hemlock Grove. I think I fell asleep around 11 or so.


I slept pretty well until around 3 when I jolted awake thinking I had overslept. I didn't and still had two hours left to sleep. I slept off and on from then until 5 when I got up and started getting ready. I took a shower, straightened my hair, and gathered the rest of my things. I left my house at 6 and headed to my parents’. When I got there, my mom was still getting ready and my dad was making coffee. I talked to my dad for a bit and then my mom and I left. It was about 6:30. We stopped at McDonald’s and got breakfast and then headed to Pam’s. We got to Pam’s at 7:10. She wanted to leave at 7:15, but we didn’t leave until 7:45.

We got to the pavilion where her wedding and reception would be held around 8:45. Mom and I were the first ones there. They had already opened the doors for us so we went in and checked it out. I backed my car up to the door and we unloaded it. When we were about done, the rest of the girls (minus the maid of honor) showed up. We unloaded the other cars and then got a game plan in order. Pam helped me get the arch completely together and I finished decorating it. The other girls set up the chairs for the ceremony. Then we started covering the tables. I showed the girls how to do the center pieces and then showed my mom Pam’s ideas for the dessert and candy tables…We did as much work as we could and then left around 11 to head to the hotel.

We got there and Pam took a quick shower and then Jennifer (hair stylist) started on her hair. When she was done, it was my turn so I got my hair done. It was cute! I hope the photographer got a picture of it... As soon as mine was done, Pam and I went to get food. When we got back, we ate and then it was time to get ready for the wedding. As we were starting to leave to head to the ceremony, it started raining! Ugh. We got to the pavilion and it was raining hard. It was about 3:30 and the wedding was supposed to start at 4. The photographer wanted to take some pics before the wedding, but since it was raining she said we’d wait. We sat in the car until a little after 4 when Pam’s dad got there. We rushed to the front of the building hoping no one saw Pam and then waited to be told when to go in. It was freezing outside (50ish) and raining and we all had on short halter dresses! We were relieved when we finally got to go in.

Her ceremony was short! It took like 10 minutes. LOL We were supposed to go straight outside to get pictures, but we didn’t. Pam and Patrick got stopped and had to keep talking to people. Around 5, they finally took us outside and we got a bunch of pictures… in the cold rain! Patrick was getting grumpy because the guests were getting grumpy. The reception wasn’t supposed to start until 6, but those people who came to the wedding and stuck around were getting impatient and bugging Patrick about it. Finally he was just like EAT! So, everyone got in line and ate, and the wedding party didn’t get to go first or give speeches or anything because the guests were bugging Patrick. He was like, “I’m sorry, but I was getting tired of getting bugged.” I was like, “Dude, it’s your wedding. You’re the boss!” LOL I think that made him feel better.

We ate and then they started cleaning up a little to make more room for dancing. The band was great, but LOUD! Even yelling in Matt’s ear as he sat next to me, he couldn’t hear me. After about an hour and a half of the band playing, I kept getting these sharp shooting pains through my head. My ears were ringing and my heartbeat was irregular… it kept skipping beats and it was weirding me out. Around 8:30 I went and found Pam and asked if she’d care if we left. She said no and that I was a great help. So I grabbed Matt and we headed home. I made him drive. I kinda dozed off and on during the drive home. We stopped at Walmart when we got back to town because the dog was out of food.

We got home shortly before 10. I unloaded my crap and changed clothes. I started putting everything up and then took the pins out of my hair. There were 60 frigging bobby pins in my hair. SIXTY! That is a lot! I was getting tired of picking them out. LOL When I was done, my head felt better, but I was exhausted. About 10:30, I crawled into bed and fell asleep quickly. It was amazing!

As a last ditch effort... I entered my puppy Rusty in a "Cutest Pet" contest at my local newspaper. The first round of voting ends tomorrow!!! Votes are $0.25 each with a minimum $1.00 donation. All proceeds from voting benefit C.A.R.E. (County Animal Rescue & Education). You can submit an unlimited number of votes during the voting period. Rusty currently has no votes, so please go vote for him and support my local animal shelter (if you choose to do so!!!)... :)

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