Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Me: From A to Z

I saw this on Living with the Browns and decided to fill it out as well!

Age: 28
Bed Size: King... I would never want to go to a smaller size bed now... I love our King!
Chore you hate: The dishes... I would rather do just about anything than the dishes.
Rusty at his favorite place... THE LAKE!
Dogs: Have grown on me over the years. I used to be able to say that I was easily a cat person, but now I like dogs just as much... Especially my Boston Terrier, Rusty!!!
Essential start to your day: Me time. I like to have about 15-20 minutes where I can just lay in bed and think before I have to get up and start the day.
Favorite Color: Pink... or any hue of red really.
Gold or Silver: Silver or white gold...
Height: Last time I was measured my a doctor, I was 5'7"
Instrument you play: I played clarinet, bass clarinet, and/or contrabass clarinet from 5th grade to 12th grade. I also taught myself how to play trumpet and alto saxophone... minimally. :)
Job title: Administrative Assistant
Digital Scrapbook Page of Hailey's 2012 Christmas photo.
Kids: Do my niece Hailey or my fur-baby Rusty count?
Live: East Central Illinois
Married: Unfortunately, not yet...
Nicknames: Boobers or Babers (via Matt), Duh-dull (via my niece who can't say my name yet), or Crys (pronounced like "Chris" and by quite a few of my friends
Overnight hospital stays: None
Pet peeve: My biggest one would probably be rudeness... I hate it when people are rude.
Quiet or loud: (this wasn't there, so I made one up) I prefer quiet to loud and I am personally more quiet than I am loud.
Righty or Lefty: Righty
Siblings: Two... Dustin (33) and Misty (26)
Time you wake up: Between 6:30-6:45
University attended: Lake Land Community College
Chicken Tetrazzini at my birthday a few years ago.
Vegetables you dislike: Lima beans... that's all that comes to mind right now...
What makes you run late: When I want to sleep in... LOL
X-rays you've had: My knee... teeth... ribs... I think that's it.
Yummy food: My favorite food is chicken tetrazzini... my favorite ethnicity of food is Italian.
Zoo animal favorite: Lions or panthers or any other kind of big cat.

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