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I said in my previous post that I have a new celebrity obsession. Those of you that have read me for a while may know that I tend to get a bit obsessed with things. OCD runs in my family and mine comes out in the form of celebrity obsessions... (and compulsive overeating)... I'm not some crazy psycho stalker, but I get obsessive about certain people. For example, every show I watch, I get a crush on someone in it. I'm not sure that I can name any show where I haven't gotten a crush on one of the characters on the show... About 95% of the time, that person is a guy. Once I become obsessed, I watch everything that I can find with the actor/actress including interviews I find on YouTube. I also scour the web for other like-minded fans of said actor/actress... mainly in the form of fan pages.

My newest television show obsession is Freaks and Geeks. I had it on my Netflix list for a long time. I was looking for a show with only one season after watching eight and a half seasons of How I Met Your Mother. I wanted something short and awesome. The cast is what got me to watch the show to begin with. I mean, c'mon... James FrancoSeth RogenJason SegelMartin Starr, and John Francis Daley with guest stars like Rashida JonesShia LaBeoufLizzy CaplanKayla EwellBen Foster, and many more. I immediately thought, "This show has to be good."

Jason Segel as Nick Andopolis
I started it around 11:30 am on Wednesday, January 1st and was immediately hooked. I watched it (almost nonstop) until 1:45 am on the 2nd. I even had to work that day, but I didn't care... I was finishing this series! I LOVED IT! It's such a great show.

If you don't know what it is, the show centers around Lindsay Weir (Linda Cardellini) who is a smart and goody-two-shoes high school student in 1980. She starts hanging out with the burnout "freaks" Daniel (James Franco), Ken (Seth Rogen), Nick (Jason Segel), and Kim (Busy Phillips). Her little brother Sam (John Francis Daley) is a freshman and considered a "geek" along with his friends Bill (Martin Starr) and Neal (Samm Levine). It pretty much describes my life in high school and I can totally relate to it...

My crush from this show? You might think James Franco's Daniel because, c'mon, James Franco is pretty good looking... but you'd be wrong. My nerdy 16-year-old self fell in love with Nick Andopolis (Jason Segel). I actually posted this on Facebook at like 2:30 in the morning after I finished the series:
I find it amazing how different television shows make you feel differently about the same actor... I finally caught up on How I Met Your Mother recently and, while I enjoy Marshall on that show, he's definitely not my favorite character... yet today (or yesterday I should say), I discovered Freaks and Geeks and I absolutely loved the character Nick. I was rooting for him throughout the entire series... which I watched all in one day because I got hooked and seem to have insomnia. I wasn't really happy with where they ended it, oh well... but now, I gotta say, I'm a huge Jason Segel fan... and a big fan of Freaks and Geeks as well.
I mean, here's the deal... the dude is totally my type. I've always been attracted to tall (6'4"??? Yes, please!), lanky (which he usually is), and hilarious guys... Jason does not disappoint in any of these aspects. I also think he’s just really adorable in general. I love the photos of him with his sexy ginger beard… (as pictured to the right) or clean shaven… or just about any way, to be honest.

Did I mention the guy is hilarious? Wait… I did, didn't I? Well, he is. Since discovering my love for him as an actor, I have watched just about everything he's been in. This includes many hours of interviews he's done on YouTube. Never has anyone made me laugh as much as he does. The interviews he’s done with Paul Rudd are so funny my sides hurt from laughing so hard. Out of all of his movies, my favorites are Jeff, Who Lives at Home and I Love You, Man.

Jeff, Who Lives at Home is about Jeff (Jason) and Pat (Ed Helms) who are brothers. Jeff is a 30-year-old pothead who lives in his mom's basement. Pat is fairly well off with a good, professional job. Jeff thinks that everything is a sign. The entire movie, pretty much, is based off the fact that Jeff gets a phone call and the guy on the phone asks for "Kevin". He's positive that it happened for a reason. I definitely thought it would be more comedic than it was with Jason and Ed as they're both known for their comedy stuff, but it wasn't hilarious. Yeah, there were funny parts, but it was mostly a drama. I even cried at one point... I'd recommend it though if you haven't seen it. It was pretty amazing.

I Love You, Man has Jason and Paul Rudd as the main characters. Paul plays Peter who is a real estate agent. He gets engaged at the beginning of the movie and, after realizing he has no close friends, goes on a mission to find a best man/best friend. He meets Sydney (Jason) and yeah... It's hilarious. I love it and could watch it over and over again. Haha. Great movie.

Gary (Jason) and Walter
Jason has also said my new favorite quote from a movie:
You always believe in other people, but that's easy. Sooner or later, you gotta believe in yourself, too, because that's what growing up is. It's becoming who you want to be. You have to try.
- Gary from The Muppets
I watched this movie because of my Jason Segel kick... Heck, I didn't even know the movie existed. I did watch The Muppets as a child, but I hadn't seen anything related to them in years and years. I can honestly say that I loved the movie. It made me cry to see something so iconic from my childhood brought back in a beautiful way. I adored it... and I loved the cameos from some amazing actors/actresses. Just an all-around fun, family movie!

So, as you can tell, I am still pretty obsessed with Jason Segel. After scouring the internet, I was incredibly surprised to learn that he didn't really have a fan site! There are a couple of websites with his name attached, but they are either not up to date or not finished. An amazing actor and comedian like Jason deserves to have an amazing fan site… I can honestly say that I have had crushes on a lot of celebrities over the years, but none have singularly gotten me hooked enough to make a fan page for him/her. From what I've seen, Jason seems like a normal guy who has an awesome job. He comes off as being so laid back, down-to-earth, and sweet. He seems humble even though he's turned into such a well-known celebrity. It also amazes me how open he is. I mean, he doesn't shy away from being a grown man who cries... and he's said in several interviews that he has cried... like when Kermit first said a line he wrote or when his best friend moved out of his house to go to medical school... He’s said numerous times how he feels honored when people want to work with him... It's pretty cool.


  1. did you see a movie (i have no clue what it is called) where him and a girl are engaged (maybe it is like 7 years engagement?) and she goes back to school (grad school) and they move to a place where it snows all of the time and he is miserable, they break up and you have to watch the movie to know the rest. i thought he was pretty funny in that.

    1. I have! It's The Five-Year Engagement. I liked that movie as well. Haha. It's not my favorite, but I did enjoy it. :)


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