Friday, September 27, 2013


Whoops! I wrote this on the 17th (ten days ago) and forgot to post it. I just found it in my drafts...

I've been a horrible blogger lately. Someone slap me please... I used to love to blog and now it seems like I don't have the time anymore. This doesn't mean that I no longer love blogging. It just means it's fallen down my priority list lately. It needs to move back towards the top because I love writing and having a chronological telling of my life that I can read later on.

There has been a lot of newness going on in my life. First off, this weekend we got a new roof. It's been a long time coming as our old roof has needed replaced for about two years, but it finally happened. My great Uncle Charlie, Uncle Danny, Uncle Ronnie, Dad, dad's friend John from work, and Matt worked on it. It turned out great! I love the difference it made on the house...

Front of the house when we moved in.
Sorry for the blurriness.
Front of the house with new roofing.

Back of the house with new roofing.
The upper part is metal and the rest is all shingles.
When they were all at my house, my Uncle Charlie and dad had talked Matt into new siding and new windows. I was so excited because I don't think my house is that cute at all. With some new tan siding, new windows, and shutters or windows painted hunter green (to match the roof), I think my little house would be adorable. Unfortunately, Matt doesn't like to see money leave his bank account and is leaning towards not doing it. I really hope he does. I think it would do wonders for our house!

One day last week or the week before (I'm not 100% certain as to when), my friend Megan was over and showed me this picture of a cute tattoo. I had told her that I'd been wanting to get a new one but had no idea what. I really liked the tattoo she showed me and we decided to get friendship tattoos. She's been asking when we were getting them... She's very impatient. I sent the tattoo shop a message on Facebook asking for an estimate and asking when we could get in. Jason, one of the tattoo artists, messaged me back and said he could get us in today at 1:30. That's when I take my lunch so I decided to go for it. I took the appointment and let Megan know to be there. We went and got them and they turned out super cute.

My tattoo right after.
Close up of my tattoo right after.
Megan's tattoo... looks like she cleaned it up first. Hah!
After work I'm picking up my sister to take her out to Walmart. She needs to cash a check and get some milk. I need to get some Aquaphor for my tattoo. I had to clean it up because it had little blood pools all around it and it was grossing me out. All I had in my desk to put on it is Neosporin. I looked online before applying it and it says that it's okay to use, but I'd rather use Aquaphor and I don't have any...

Also, I have run a weight loss support group on another blogging site since 2007. Earlier this year, I tried to migrate that group into both blogging sites and it didn't turn out so well. I'm thinking of running it on all of my blogging sites again, but separately. Some people are secretive about where they're posting. Because of this, I'm coming to you for help. Please take the time to complete the survey linked below and let me know how you would like the upcoming phases ran and what you'd like to see in future phases of this group. I strive to make this group enjoyable to you all and I have had fun running it since 2007. Please let me know what you would like to see so I can create a very supportive and motivating group for you. The next phase will begin on September 30th with all of your feedback taken into consideration. Your answers are anonymous unless you choose to enter yourself in the drawing... you'll see what I mean at the end of the survey. Thanks in advance.

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