Friday, March 7, 2014


I am so excited. As many of you might remember, my best friend gave birth in December to a little boy. He was thirteen weeks early at his birth and weighed only one pound and fourteen ounces. From the day of his birth, Dylan has been a feisty little guy and has completely exceeded the expectations of the doctors. Less than two hours after his birth, he was taken off a ventilator and was only using a nasal cannula to breathe. He beat all of the tasks put ahead of him... until it came to eating. He had a hard time with bottle feeding. Pam was getting frustrated because she was so ready for him to come home. Well, fantastic news! After 86 days in the NICU, little Dylan is currently on his way home! Hurrah! I'm so excited for my bestie and her husband. I can't wait to go meet the little guy! I mean, after all, I'm sure to be his honorary auntie as Pam is like a sister to me, right??? Yep! I'm going with that...

I'm so proud of my boyfriend. On Wednesday when he got up for work, he stepped on the scale and didn't like what he saw. He decided that WE need to make some changes and I completely agree. I'm cleaning out my fridge and pantry tonight of all things unhealthy (we don't have much food so it won't be much of anything). Tomorrow I'm going grocery shopping and only getting healthy foods. When I told him that healthy groceries will cost more (cause he's about as tight as they come when it comes to spending money), he said that it was okay because he also decided that he was going to quit smoking. Two days later, he hasn't had a single cigarette even though he was tempted by stress at work. I hope he really quits this time and, with him on board, we can both get healthier! It's so much easier to lose weight when you have a partner to help you out.

There was something else I wanted to talk about, but right now I don't remember, so this will have to work. :)

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