Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Today marks my 29th birthday. Happy birthday to me! :)

I thought I'd share some (read: a lot) totally adorable pictures of me through the years. I ended up creating a slideshow because it was super-hard to organize all the photos I wanted to include in this post. I hope you enjoy the short spin through my life... 
Happy 29 Years of Life! on PhotoPeach

My mom is a quilter. Last year for Christmas, she gave me, my brother, and my sister all quilts as our big present. They were quilts that we were supposed to put on our beds and use. This year for our birthdays, she made us all memory quilts. My sister's birthday is in February and my brother's in March, so I've had to wait the longest to see my quilt! I've waited patiently all year, but I've finally received my memory quilt! I love it! My mom knows me well (I should hope) and used my favorite colors and yeah... It's an awesome keepsake. Now I just need to get a quilt rack so I can hang it up and proudly display it! :)

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